Season’s Greetings And All That Crap

The Team Robo War on Christmas Card

Click For Gianganto version.

  • Josh Bell

    You can always count on Robo for when Santa needs a little extra help.

    Merry Christmas Team Robo!

  • Anonymous


  • Julie Jewels

    Are there any plans to repopulate the items in the store some day? I’d really love to buy some shirts, that are not size small.

  • Scott!

    Yes. But we are in the process of reorganizing and streamlining the store. It will be a few months probably. Hang in there! :)

  • Julie Jewels

    So the streamlining was actually an elimination of the store all together?

  • Brian!

    The plans expanded and we had to push back execution to keep getting comics made for you guys.

    Currently we’re on schedule to get this rolling in early 2013. Stay tuned.