Trucking Along

Trucking Along

Here’s a quick rundown of where we are with that big ol’ list of 2013’s Atomic Robo projects.

All New Super Rad Merch: Gettin’ there. March, I think. You guys will kinda go nuts for what we’re brewing up. It’ll be worth the wait.

Real Science Adventures (vol 2): Totally written, 33% drawn and colored. Looking great so far!

Atomic Robo: Last Stop: On schedule for mid-2013 worldwide release.

Atomic Robo: the Action Science RPG: I believe the game text is done? Some small changes and additions here and there as we move on to layout, proofs, etc. come March/April. But should be on schedule for a summer release.

Atomic Robo Free Comic Book Day 2013: Done! It’ll be at your local shop on Free Comic Book Day. Enjoy!

Vol 8, ATOMIC ROBO AND THE SAVAGE SWORD OF DR. DINOSAUR: Totally written and Scott’s complaining about every page of the first issue now. That’s another way to say he’s working on it.

Real Science Adventures (vol 3): Still a toss up between three different ideas. Maybe four. Don’t see why we would not get started on it this summer.

Vol 9, Atomic Robo and the Knights of the Golden Circle: Still conceivable we’ll get to this toward the end of the year. Of course, I should finish writing it first.

  • Jonathan Boynton

    Yay! Looking forward to all the new stories…

  • Lars Sudmann

    Just got my hands on the She-Devils tbp. Wanted to say something: thank you.

  • Brian!

    You’re quite welcome. Thanks for reading!

  • Josh Bell

    Loving everything about that list.

    I just noticed how you guys have decided to number Real Science Adventures. Any particular reason as to why you’re going for an ongoing numbering as opposed to the format used for Atomic Robo?

  • kaijumaster

    “You guys will kinda go nuts for what we’re “brewing” up.” YAY Coffee mug!

  • Brian!

    I suggested changing the title with every volume, but RSA was originally pitched to retailers as an on-going series and that’s what made them super excited. So, they’re getting #7.

  • JohnIGottschalk

    It feels more like old school comics that just continued numbering them even if the stories weren’t directly related or anything.

  • Terry McCammon

    So Happy! This makes my week!

  • Frederic Antoine

    As writer myself (El Spectro – quite european “franco-belge” style) in the pulp genre, I wanted to tell you all the fun I have reading Atomic Robo. It’s fun, fast and… retro!
    I just finished reading She-Devils. Going to be my favourite story.
    Very nice job, both of you!
    Bon courage pour la suite ;)

  • Scott!

    Thank you very much! :)

  • Brian!

    I’ve seen some El Spectro. It’s delightful.

  • Frederic Antoine

    Wow, really! Thanks a lot. Unfortunaltely, our comics is only in french, except a very limited english half album edition for the Comiccon Montreal.
    by the way, it would be so nice to see you coming for the next edition in September. Think about it. If interested, i can inform the organizers – they’re friends.
    I can’t wait for my next Robo album (volume 3 ordered) and the RPG (even if I will never have time to play). You’re doing a great job with all these different time stories and I love Scott’s drawing! Best comics with The 6th Gun.

  • JonS

    Hm…the game is going to be FATE-based…



    A crossover adventure where Dr. Dinosaur comes to Chicago to reanimate Sue the Dinosaur with the power of science (AND CRYSTALS!), and in the process something goes Horribly Wrong and Atomic Robo has to team up with Chicago’s only wizard PI to prevent the disaster from devouring the entire Midwest!

    Or, I could keep writing up this idea I have for an Atomic Robo/Planetary crossover (synopsis 75% complete)….

  • Second Fiction

    + Violent Science mobile game! :)

  • Steven Palchinski-Guerrero

    Any word on your All New Super Rad Merch?

  • Brian Clevinger

    Getting there.

  • Steven Palchinski-Guerrero

    AW YEAH!!

  • Ryan Melvaer

    Hey! A couple of quick questions. How will we (the fans) be able to purchase the RPG when it is finished? Also, any news on that Super Rad Merch?

  • Scott!

    The RPG will be available in stores and via the internet.

    And we are SO CLOSE to doing the merch release. Finding time in Robo’s busy schedule to sit him down in front of a camera to make the release video proved to be a bigger challenge than we thought. :)

  • Steven Palchinski-Guerrero

    hey Guys. Any updates on your Projects? I look forward to hearing fresh news.

  • Brian!

    Big update very soon.

  • Steven Palchinski-Guerrero