After Con Report: ECCC ’13

After Con Report: ECCC ’13

There are no words for Emerald City.

Great staff, amazing crowd. Easily the biggest purely comics show I’ve seen in the U.S. To everyone who’s been to HeroesCon, it’s just like that but cold instead of hot, rainy instead of humid, and much bigger.

Our digital exclusive Atomic Robo short story Along Came A Tyrantula was a pretty big hit. If you weren’t at the show, don’t fret, it’ll go on sale soon. This week? I dunno, I’m typing this in the middle of convention burnout. Like right now!

Thank you ECCC, ComiXology, and Red 5 Comics for not only giving Scott and I the opportunity to showcase the tip of the iceberg of some interesting comics technologies, but for making it a unique part of the convention experience. Seeing Robo on every single badge never stopped being surreal.

And especially thank you to everyone who came out. We just show up. You guys make the convention what it is.

  • Kaijumaster

    hehe, “should be Boyfriend” outstanding.