NYCC 2013 and MORE

NYCC 2013 and MORE

It’s that time again NEW YORK COMIC-CON, October 10 – 13th. Come on down to the only salvageable part of the Javitz Center and visit Scott Wegener and Brian Clevinger down in Artists’ Alley at table I-12. Grab some books, get some signatures, have a good time.

Here’s how to find us!

Scott will also attend the New York Comic-Con pre-party Wednesday, October 9th, 8 to 10 pm, with sci-fi rock band Americans UK hosting a night of live comics readings and music for FREE at the Fifth Estate Bar, in Park Slope, Brooklyn, on 5th Avenue, between 12th and 13th Street. Brian might be there too. Travel plans may get in his way. But who cares, because tons of cool people will be there (also Scott).

Featuring live readings by Dean Haspiel (The Fox, Billy Dogma), Paul Ciaravino (SH3: Human Hunter), John Mathias (The Lowbrow Reader) Chris Miskiewicz (Thomas Alsop), Palle Schmidt (The Devil’s Concubine – and all the way from Denmark!), ZEES (Just Super), and more!

Americans UK will be playing ambient and light jazz as we project the comix panels against a screen in Fifth Estate’s back room. Then once the readings have finished, Americans UK will play their new, live and loud rock-set, featuring never-before-heard songs from their upcoming album, Where Giants Walk!

  • PatientRoboFan

    Not NYCC related, but I’m sure I can’t be the only one who is wondering what is going on with the remaining issues of Savage Sword. It’s been over two months since the last issue, and the dates just keep getting shifted further and further back.

    Any idea on when they will actually be released?

  • Scott!

    I wish I knew. Nick got a bunch of Big Two work dumped on him so that delayed us somewhat, but I’m not really sure why #3 hasn’t hit stores yet. Issue #4 is finished, and issue #5 is lettered and being colored this week.

    Sorry I can’t give a more precise answer than that. :(

  • Brian!

    So, the good news is that when #3 finally comes out, #4 and #5 will not experience similar delays.

    Unintended consequence: it’s given us some time to work on the Kickstarter stuff.

  • MCampbell

    Great photo of Brian and Scott at NYCC on Comics Alliance.

  • CuriousFan

    Is there anyone from your publisher you can ask regarding issue #3 status?

  • Brian!

    Last we heard, it looks like it will finally come out 11/13.