Busy, busy, busy!

Busy, busy, busy!

When it rains it pours.

Scott and I just finishing signing ~3,000 Tesladyne Field Guides for you guys. That includes doing sketches in ~700 of them too. Everything else for the ol’ Kickstarter campaign is coming along. More updates on that through Kickstarter in a week or two.

Hey, remember when Evil Hat was gonna make an Atomic Robo tabletop roleplaying game using an iteration of the new Fate Core rules? Well. It’s coming at you in June but you can pre-order it now and get the PDF immediately. So definitely do that.

Hey, also remember when we used to make comics? Well Our newest one is coming out next week! Run down to your local comic shop on April 30th and grab Atomic Robo and the Knights of the Golden Circle #1 if you know what’s good for you.

  • Steven Palchinski-Guerrero


  • Fistigons

    Darn you Scott. You had to make Robo look so freaking cool didn’t you? I would have loved a sketch of Robo dressed as Clint Eastwood.
    Great issue guys. Makes me wonder if a certain lizard got flung into the past too.

  • Kaijumaster

    I really thought Robos revelation about Ironhide would come later….cool.

  • Scott!

    Probably not, but it’s the right time era for the Centurions of Science. ;)

  • Scott!

    What, we waited three years! :D

  • Pattom

    Rumor has it there will also be a Free Comic Book Day issue of Atomic Robo tomorrow? Truly there is no better time to be a fan. Thanks for everything you guys do!

  • Kaijumaster

    Lol. No I meant I thought you guys having Robo realize he was Ironhide would be a end of the vol. thing. As soon as we saw were he landed in Vol. 8 it was obvious…..you crafty devils you.

  • http://www.nuklearpower.com Brian!

    Some readers still haven’t put it together. In their defense it’s super easy to miss as the Ironhide seed was planted in one small panel over three years ago. So we had to write this story to make sense whether or not you put those pieces together.

    Folks in the comic are currently mistaking Robo for an armored human vigilante from a few years back. Something in the vein of Ned Kelly but on the side of the law. The West was full of little local legends and oral traditions that have been lost to time — Marshal Bass Reeves was nearly one of them. The townsfolk mistake Robo for Ironhide because he more or less fits their model for what Ironhide should be…except everyone thought Ironhide was killed a while back.

    Readers who haven’t made the connection to Vol 5’s easter egg seem to think the townsfolk are familiar with Robo specifically. They reason that since been in the past for years, then he must’ve been sighted, even if only briefly, and this created the legend of an armored human vigilante Ironhide.

    The series should work with either understanding.

  • UnlikelyLass

    I just realized that between the last panel of SSoDD and the first panel of Knights that 14 YEARS have passed.

    Now I’m just going to sit and stress over if Robo is involved in some crazy predestination paradox (I mean, maybe Tesla got the idea for Robo from Robo), or if the Ironhide thing will be the only example of affecting the past. If that even counts as affecting…

  • Scott!

    You ever see that episode of TNG where a really unconvincing and hammed up Mark Twain, Whoopi Goldberg the Space Bartender, and Data go on an adventure in old San Francisco, and Data “dies” in the past?

    Same logic can be applied to this volume. More or less.

    Also, yup, 14yrs. So if I ever forget how much extra work I have to put into drawing wagons, revolvers with very interesting but very difficult geometry, and funny hats, we can do another Western. Not that I’m not enjoying all of these things. But BOY does it all take extra-long.

    Glad everyone is enjoying it!

  • Steven Palchinski-Guerrero

    Any word on when the commentary for this issue is out?

  • http://www.nuklearpower.com Brian!

    Nope! We’ve been stupid busy.

  • Steven Palchinski-Guerrero

    That is a very fair answer. Atleast I now wont be checking back constantly to find it. I look forward to whatever you guys will put out next!

  • JP

    Thanks for the update!!! Not to add to your business…but any news on the Dr. Dinosaur trade?

  • http://www.nuklearpower.com Brian!

    It was released weeks ago but for some reason Amazon isn’t shipping most of their orders until June.

  • Marcel Vachon

    So WHEN is the next issue coming out?