Posted June 19, 2015 at 10:52 am

The Ring of Fire is rocking and rolling. Catch up with the prologues if you haven't already, or skip straight to the first issue.

Did you hear the news? IDW Publishing is putting Atomic Robo back into comic shops starting with Atomic Robo and the Ring of Fire #1.

But that's not all. They'll also complement our fancy hardcover editions with multi-volume softcovers. The first one will collect The Fightin' Scientists of Tesladyne, The Dogs of War, and The Shadow From Beyond Time. We posted the details over at Kickstarter, but here's the TL;DR version...

  • The hardcovers get the nice new lettering and the all-new bonus content.
  • The softcovers do not get the new lettering or all-new bonus content because the folks at IDW are moving at lightning speed to get these out there, so we don't have time to get the new stuff finished for them.
  • There will not be softcovers for individual volumes.
  • Think of it like this. The hardcovers are for the hardcore Robo reader who wants the best and most stuff possible. The softcover omnibus editions are for cramming as many comics into your face as possible.

Nothing about the IDW deal changes how the website works. You will still get your comics here for free. In fact, we'll have given away something like half of The Ring of Fire series by the time they publish the second issue.

We're very excited to partner with IDW Publishing in our ongoing efforts to pave the Earth with Atomic Robo comics.