Atomic Robo Timeline


1884: The first and largest criminal syndicate in American history is poised to divide and conquer the nation. (The Knights of the Golden Circle)

189? - ????: Nikola Tesla, George Westinghouse, Wong Kei-ying, Annie Oakley, young Houdini, Charles Fort, and Winfield Scott Lovecraft (perhaps among others) were "cohorts". It is unknown when or why the group disbanded. (The Shadow From Beyond Time #1)

1893: The Centurions of Science thwart the so-called "Billion Dollar Plot" to overthrow the United States government through manipulation of public dissent in the wake of the financial Panic of 1893. (The Centurions of Science and the Billion Dollar Plot)

1895: The Centurions of Science, flying Nikola Tesla's Electric Sky-Schooner Intrepid, confront Helsingard's second War Zeppelin, Nemesis, in the skies above the Gulf of Mexico. Nemesis suffers a catastrophic engine failure and crashes into the sea. (Real Science Adventures)


1908, June 30: Nikola Tesla with the help of Charles Fort, young H.P. Lovecraft, and the Wardenclyffe Tower thwart an "alien" invasion over the Tunguska River region of Siberia. (The Shadow From Beyond Time #1)


1923, Sept 3: "The Atomic Robot", the world's first "automatic intelligence" is unveiled to the world by Nikola Tesla at a small press conference in New York City. A whirlwind of controversy surrounds Tesla and The Robot for months. Many scientists believe it to be a hoax. Many religious leaders decry it as an afront to God. Tesla and his Atomic Robot are a mainstay of newspaper headlines and scientific news for the next decade.

1924, June: Nikola Tesla's Houston Street laboratory and home is severely damaged in an alleged confrontation between Atomic Robo and a "wizard" sent at the behest of Thomas Edison. (The Fightin' Scientists of Tesladyne #4)

1924, November: Tesla's Atomic Robot formally adopts the name "Atomic Robo" after a year of being referred to by the press as "The Robot", "The Atomic Robo", and later "Robo".

1926, April 3: H.P. Lovecraft and Charles Fort seek Nikola Tesla in NYC to defend the world against a threat from the "exoverse". (The Shadow From Beyond Time #1, #2)

1928, May: Atomic Robo earns a PhD in Physics from Columbia University. In the decades to follow Robo would be awarded dozens of honorary degrees from institutes around the world. Though he never sought further education, Robo has demonstrated mastery of electrical and mechanical engineering, nuclear physics, aeronautics, astronautics, robotics, and high-dimensional mathematics.


1930: Atomic Robo meets Jack Tarot. Jack mentors Robo in vigilantism. Very reluctantly. Meanwhile, mobsters from the Chicago and New York syndicates raid hightech firms. The famed Crystal Skull of F.A. Mitchell-Hedges is also stolen. It is orchestrated by Thomas Edison. (The Deadly Art of Science)

1938, August: Atomic Robo's first mission for the U.S. Army; Atomic Robo's first encounter with Baron Heinrich von Helsingard; destruction of Helsingard's secret Himalayan fortress laboratory. (The Fightin' Scientists of Tesladyne #1)

1939, October: Atomic Robo's second mission for the U.S. Army; he is tasked with helping the Chinese Resistance to track down the captured Projessor Lu Huang before the Imperial Japanese Army force him to complete a "zero-point energy" superweapon. (The Temple of Od)


1940, May 7: Atomic Robo is officially granted full legal status as a human being and recognized as an American citizen by the United States Supreme Court. Some religious leaders protest the controversial desicion. In the years that follow Atomic Robo is recognized by the majority of Western nations as a human being under their laws.

1941, August: Atomic Robo joins the American Volunteer Group.

1943, January 7: Nikola Tesla dies when his laboratory/home is destroyed by an explosion. Though it is never conclusively proven, the explosion is presumed to have been caused by a high-energy experiment gone wrong.

1943, January 31: Atomic Robo founds Tesladyne. At this point it is little more than a corporate entity to hold the recently deceased Tesla's patents and assets while Robo fights in World War Two.

1943, July - August: Atomic Robo is sent to destroy Laufpanzers, prototype mechanized troops, during the Invasion of Sicily. First of many encounters with Otto Skorzeny. (The Dogs of War)

1943, August: Atomic Robo encounters British super spy known as "The Sparrow". It could have gone better. (The Dogs of War #3 and #4)

1944, October: Atomic Robo and a team of British Commandos infiltrate Nazi occupied Guersney to destroy a battery of intercontinental electric cannons before they are completed, but the facility actually houses a device meant to weaponize weather. (The Dogs of War #5)

1946, June: The Flying She-Devils establish their homebase on an uncharted island far from rival pirate gangs. Unfortunately, it's also far from plunder. They decide to steal Mad Jack's flagship Sunderland Mk IV, The Harbinger of Dread. Complications ensue (The Flying She-Devils and the Raid on Marauder Island)

1947, May: Atomic Robo disrupts an illegal rocketry experiment performed by Jack Parsons. (The Fightin' Scientists of Tesladyne #3)

1947, Sept 24: President Truman, under the advice of Secretary of Defense Forrestal, establishes the top secret government agency, Majestic 12, tasked with weaponizing so-called "Tesla-tech" uncovered by the FBI in the wake of Nikola Tesla's mysterious death.


June, 1950: Atomic Robo destroys a "giant robot" built by the Chinese and fielded by the North Korea military. It is likely that the war machine's tremendous expense and total failure on the battlefield helped to steer the Cold War toward more conventional and cost-efficient technologies. (Real Science Adventures Vol 1)

1951: Atomic Robo conducts the first long distance test flight of Tesladyne's experimental "aerospike" jet propulsion system. He's shot down by a rogue group of elite Japanese soldiers known as CHOKAITEN. A group of ex-WASPs turned air pirates rescue Robo. Together, they uncover and barely thwart the Chokaiten plot to destroy North America with "earthquake bomb" weaponry devised from Tesla's work. The loss of the aerospike is a tremendous financial blow to Tesladyne. (The Flying She-Devils of the Pacific)

1957, December: Atomic Robo and the Science Agents of Tesladyne investigate what they believe to be the wreckage of Sputnik's booster on a farm in a rural Oregon town. It is their hope that studying the booster's design will curtail the nascent nuclear arms race. (The Shadow From Beyond Time #3)


1961, October: Atomic Robo stops a rogue Russian scientist from detonating a nuclear weapon powerful enough to destroy all life on Earth. (FCBD 2008 - The Tsar Bomb)

1963: Atomic Robo destroys an Air Force prototype "flying platform" to keep it from falling into enemy hands. (Real Science Adventures Vol 1)

mid-1960s: TOP SECRET (The Spear of Destiny)


1971: Atomic Robo and Carl Sagan conduct experiments to observe a theoretical intersection of exoversal material in the Urubama Valley of Peru. (The Shadow From Beyond Time #4)

1973: TOP SECRET (Diamonds Are For Never)

1974: Atomic Robo meets Otto Skorzeny, now an old man dying of cancer, at a cafe in Madrid, Spain. (Real Science Adventures Vol 1)

1975, August 10: NASA's Viking I begins its ten month trip to Mars with top secret envoy Atomic Robo aboard. The mission is a success, despite the need to doctor or suppress a number of photographs of and from the Martian surface due to Robo's "interference". (The Fightin' Scientists of Tesladyne #4)


1985: TOP SECRET (The Mirrorshade Overdrive)

1989, Summer: Atomic Robo battles a giant sea monster off the coast of Clearwater, Florida. (Real Science Adventures Vol 1)


199?: Atomic Robo meets Jenkins during a failed exploratory mission into the so-called "Vampire Dimension". (Real Science Adventures Vol 1)

1993 TOP SECRET. (The Soldiers of Fortune)

1997: Atomic Robo's brain is temporarily hi-jacked by a disgruntled researcher developing a so-called "swarm hack" technology. (Real Science Adventures Vol 1)

1999: An experiment gone wrong leaves our world open to an invasion from the so-called Vampire Dimension. The leak is sealed with minimal loss of life. Dr. Bernard Fischer is hired. (Other Strangeness #1)

1999: Science Team Super Five defeats the first Biomega creature to attack Japan since the 1980s. (Other Strangeness #2)

1999: Atomic Robo confronts the creature known as "Dr. Dinosaur" for the first time. (FCBD '09 and Other Strangeness #3)

1999: A ghost-like entity appears within Tesladyne's offices. Experiments are conducted and contact is eventually established. It is the consciousness of Thomas Edison propagated via Odic strata and expressed into real space. (Other Strangeness #4)


2000, April: Dr. Dinosaur sues Atomic Robo for destruction of property the previous year. (The Trial of Atomic Robo)

2002: Tesladyne strikes a deal with city, county, state, and federal agencies to move out of the Empire State Building in the wake of 9/11. Its new location is a heavily modified Titan Missile Base on Marshall Island off the coast of New England.

2005, February: Atomic Robo, with the help of Action Scientist teams Alpha and Beta, investigates an underground facility in the Italian countryside. It is expected to belong to Baron von Helsingard. (The Fightin' Scientists of Tesladyne #5 and #6)

2007, November 14: Tesladyne requested to investigate reports of an attack by giant ants near Reno, Nevada. Atomic Robo and a squad of Action Scientists quell the attack, but are at a loss to explain the cause. (The Fightin' Scientists of Tesladyne #2)

2007, November 15: Tesladyne requested to investigate reports of a "mobile pyramid" roaming Egyptian desert. (The Fightin' Scientists of Tesladyne #2)

2007, November 16: Tesladyne investigates the "mobile pyramid" only to find that the entire monument is a giant steampowered supertank operated by a waterclock program that took five thousand years to compute. It is perhaps the greatest archaeological find in Egyptian history. (The Fightin' Scientists of Tesladyne #3 and Real Science Adventures Vol 1)

2008, Summer: Jenkins goes on "vacation." (Real Science Adventures Vol 1)

2009, February 9: An experiment gone wrong forces Atomic Robo to confront a nonlinear threat for the last(?) time. (The Shadow From Beyond Time #5)

2009, August: Atomic Robo and a monster hunter encounter what becomes known as "The Yonkers Devil". (Real Science Adventures Vol 1)


2010, June: Atomic Robo leads a small team into the Amazon to investigate claims that the an extinct species of Terror Bird is not so extinct after all (FCBD 2010 - The Flight of the Terror Birds)

2011, May: Dr. Dinosaur attempts to steal a "Telluric Interchanger" mostly designed by Victor Armstrong but finally completed by his granddaughter Emma Armstrong (FCBD 2011 - The Science Fair)

2011, August: Charles Bolden, Administrator of NASA, asks Atomic Robo to launch a last ditch effort to save a team of astronauts from catastrophic re-entry. Robo reaches orbit only to knocked out of it by impacting a satellite. Robo learns Bolden's call was falsified. Evidence suggests it was a trap by Majestic 12 agents operating out of Omaha NE. Robo, Jenkins, and the Action Scientists conduct a raid of the facility. (The Ghost of Station X)

2013, June: Atomic Robo and a team of Action Scientists investigate cryptid sightings reported suspiciously close to Marconi's "Science City" deep in the mountains of Venezuela. Meanwhile, Majestic 12 capitalizes on a rare opportunity to raid Tesladyne Island. (The Savage Sword of Dr. Dinosaur)

2013, September: The raid is a success, but Robo is still at large. The SECURE Act passes and officially disbands Tesladyne. Its international Research & Defense projects are replaced by Majestic 12 now operating in the open as Task Force ULTRA.

2014, throughout: Robo still missing. Meanwhile, ULTRA uncovers evidence of a Biomega surge that threatens all life on Earth. ULTRA begins raiding advanced laboratories worldwide to secure the personnel and equipment needed to strike first.

2015, May: Robo is still missing. ULTRA enters the final stages of its Biomega defense strategy. (The Ring of Fire)

2016, throughout: Atomic Robo finally resurfaces after successfully defusing the Biomega Crisis. ULTRA is found to have acted with gross negligence for the public safety and is dissolved after a swift public trial. Tesladyne Island languishes in bureaucratic limbo following the demise of ULTRA. The US Government leases Atomic Robo an unused portion of the White Sands Test Range in New Mexico where he can establish the new Tesladyne Institute and continue his research. This will require considerable clean up and construction efforts.  

2017, Summer: Construction of the new Tesladyne Institute is behind schedule due to an avalanche of red tape; Atomic Robo hasn't come out of his private laboratory sub-basement in months; Sir Richard Branson gets his revenge; and it looks like cyborg doppelgängers are in the middle of a secret coup. (The Spectre of Tomorrow)

2019, Fall: The Tesladyne Institute welcomes its first class of students. (The Dawn of a New Era)


2020: Tesladyne has spearheaded a worldwide effort to erect an Odic Shield around the Earth to protect against potential invasions from the Vampire Dimension. Spoiler: it does not work. (The Vengeful Dead)

2021: Atomic Robo returns to Tesladyne Island to prepare the exotic materials hidden in The Vault for secure transport to Tesladyne Institute. (The Agents of CHANGE)

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