Posted October 3, 2016 at 12:07 pm

If you're reading this there are between twenty-four and zero hours left to get your hardcover copy of Atomic Robo and the Ring of Fire, a Robo plush, the Task Force ULTRA Field Manual, and a ton of other great stuff like original cover art (grab it before someone else does, you fool!) and Atomic Robo RPG goodies.

If you missed out on our previous hardcovers, then head on over to the online shop and fix your life.

Or, if you happen to live in the NYC area, then you should head to the graveyard of civilizations, a.k.a. the Javits Center, for NYCC this weekend and come by Artists Alley table G-6 to watch me dance for nickels. Look for the enormous Atomic Robo banner with the ghoulish fellow who looks like he could use a little more coffee.

Scott will not be able to make it to the show due to a knee injury. Comics is rough business, kids. But he is pre-drawing some sketches that you can pick up!

I am starting with 20 slots open. Time permitting and if there is a demand, I will open up more.

To get on the list email us at and put "NYCC 2016 SKETCH" in the subject line.

Sketch Commissions cost $50. You'll pay at the show when you pick up the sketch. Cash or card.

You can request a single figure and I will draw it in pencil, on a 9”x6” acid-free two-ply bristol board and it'll look something like this:

To pre-answer the question I get at every show: no, I cannot squeeze in a second character if you pay for more. The single figure limit isn't due to miserliness, it's due to time. If you want more than one figure, you can purchase multiple sketches if slots are still available!