Posted October 11, 2016 at 12:17 pm

I just wanted to thank everyone who dropped by our table over the wild NYCC weekend.

Anyone in this business spends a part of every day wondering if they've made a huge mistake. But then you do a show where you can hardly get one and a half sentences into your sales pitch before you hear, "I'll take three," and you come out of it realizing that, yes, comics was a huge mistake, but at least you're making some folks happy while you're doing it.

Meanwhile, here on THE INTERZONE, our family of sites kept updating despite my absence. In case you need a rundown of everything that went down, here is a list of links that is as handy as it is dandy.

Tuesday, Oct 4th: Page 11 of Issue 4 of The Flying She-Devils Raid on Marauder Island. This was also the last day for our most recent Kickstarter campaign, so you no longer have to put up with me talking about it nonstop. Joy!

Wednesday, Oct 5th: Page 15 of Issue 4 of Atomic Robo and the Temple of Od.

Thursday, Oct 6th: Page 12 of She-Devils.

Friday, Oct 7th: Page 16 of Temple of Od.

Monday, Oct 10th: Page 17 of Temple of Od.

Tuesday, Oct 11: Page 13 of She-Devils.