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A few months ago, within a few days of each other, two different Friends of Robo approached us about putting together animated shorts based on Atomic Robo. We said, “Sure, sounds cool!”

Check it out.

The Fictory will produce an animated short film, Atomic Robo: Last Stop. They’ve got a press release and some storyboards already with more to come.

But that’s not all! Lindsay and Alex will also produce an Atomic Robo animated short called…well, we haven’t figured that out yet. But they’re crazy talented folks and who cares if they don’t have a title. Or if the reason they don’t have a title is that I’m really bad at holding up my end of the work. The title thing could be anyone’s fault, really, but especially Scott’s.

  • Serge

    The bad part of this is that WE have to wait for it to be finished.

  • John I.G.


  • blalor

    SWEET!!! Is there a tentative release date?

  • Josh_B

    That's indescribably cool!

  • mattcrap

    That's awesome that we'll be able to check out one of these visual feasts this year even!!
    Truly great news.

  • Scott!

    Not that I know of. All these things are basically a matter of mutual self-promotion. We're flattered that all these talented folks are interested in doing something like this. But they've got paying work that's going to take priority. :)

  • Featherweight

    i like the sound of this more than alittle

  • Green Spanner


  • motorjed

    This is – if I can use a highly overused term – AWESOME. I've been secretly hoping something like this would come around ever since I saw that run-cycle pencil test someone posted on youtube. Same folks?

  • Serge

    I wonder… What would Robo's voice sound like? Last year, I came across excerpts from animated films based on Hugo Pratt's Corto Maltese. The animation was ok and managed to emulate Pratt's style, but Corto's voice didn't seem right to me. I don't know what it should be, but this wasn't it.

  • Scott!

    That was Alex. He's working on the yet unnamed Robo short. He did that for some fun one weekend I believe.

  • Scott!

    We are equally clueless. How do you simultaneously sound like a petulant smart-ass kid AND a grumpy old man?

  • Daniel S. Mountain

    A lifetime of practice.

  • Serge

    Scott… I nominate Walter Matthau.

  • Edward Liu

    OK, you're getting increasingly publicized. Now they have to do it ;).

  • Mike

    I'll gladly put in some money NOW for an eventual DVD copy of each, if it helps get things done. Actually, I'd love it if you could take these two; maybe even get a third going, and release them as one DVD, like DC did “Batman: Gotham Knights” awhile back. I'd buy one for sure! Especially if the DVD were titled something like “Atomic Robo and the Moving Pictures”

  • Josh_B

    @Mike- Too damn right. A DVD release would be amazing. However, that's probably getting a little bit too ahead of the process. Still…

  • explanoite

    I don't know what it is about Atomic Robo that draws me in (aside from the humorous dialogue, original stories, interesting characters, clean artwork, and fun atmosphere), but all it takes for me to get totally psyched all over again about the series is a single photo; in this case the Last Stop promo image. I don't even know what it's about but I'm already fairly certain it will be a minimum of 95% awesome.