Science Makes The World Go ‘Round

Those of you familiar with “the Internet’s foremost comic book nerdcore rapper”, ADAM WARROCK will be delighted to know that the geek beat artist has uploaded a new song about Atomic Robo.

Those of you who are not familiar with Adam’s work get to be extra delighed because you can listen to a whole bunch of his songs for the first time. Right now. GO!


  • Daniel

    I just have to say that this is awesome on an entirely new level.

  • Ben

    Ooh, I like it, its catchy.

  • Em-chan

    Want that image on a t-shirt. Srsly.

  • Brian!

    Definitely check out Warrock’s other tracks if you haven’t. Easily one of the best nerdy musicians out there.

  • Daniel

    Yeah, I’ve been keeping track of him ever since he did that song for Dresden Codak. He’s pretty great.