Adam Warrock – I Am An Action Scientist

Chances are you know all about Mr. Adam Warrock. And if you don’t, holy shit, did I just improve your life by throwing that link your way.

Also, where have you been?

A while back The ‘Rock, as I call him, which leads to a lot more confusion than if I used pretty much any other nickname for the guy, made a fun little Robo themed song. Fun Fact: this song appears in The Ghost of Station X as the ringtone for the phone in Robo’s head.

And you’d think that’d be enough, y’know? To have your song featured as a canonical part of the fictional world it’s based on. But no. Not for The ‘Rock. He, much like Galactus, hungers. It’s never enough!

Please check out The ‘Rock’s latest foray into the world of Atomic Robo…

I Am An Action Scientist

We at Team Robo aren’t addicted to it. We promise. It’s just that we find ourselves listening to it over and over.

And over.

And picturing a sick as hell ’70s cop show style opening credits sequence.

The beat is from MC Esoteric’s Incredible Hulk Rap and it’s goddamn good.

  • Justin Harford

    Sweeeeeet this bad a good day better!

  • Alan Larsson

    Clearly the opening theme to the cartoon that Atomic Robo so obviously deserves

  • Teknoarcanist

    I’m seeing lots of characters jumping on-screen in slow-mo, with their name and position on the team in an exciting font.

  • Teknoarcanist

    Action scientists rolling towards camera in pimped-out segways.

  • Anonymous

    You mean like THE INTERCEPTORS?  Hm, do I smell a Top Gear/Atomic Robo mashup?

  • Scott!

    I love British Top Gear. The American version is growing on me.

    The judo chop to the doorman’s neck was the best. :D

  • Anonymous

    I thought the groin-kick to one of the silhouette dancers at the end was pretty funny.

  • RealSillyPutty

    That a cow bell or a robotic clave! (more clave!)