Atomic Robo: the Roleplaying Game

Short version: we’re teaming up with Evil Hat Productions to make our comic book into an interactive game of your mind. And also the minds of some friends.

It’s probably a sad statement about our business savvy that most creators can talk about their projects in terms of the movie deals they’re bound to get. Scott and I? Even before the first issue came out, all we wanted was a tabletop roleplaying game. Y’know, because comics just wasn’t niche enough.

All we can say right now is the game will use a version of the FATE system to be designed by the brilliant Mike Olson. Our plan is to emphasize accessibility, ease of play, and fun so anyone can pick it up and run a game even if they’ve never touched FATE or RPGs at all. And I’ll be contributing a ton of information about Robo’s world. Like, our Timeline, only quite a bit more so.

  • Ilandave

    Brian: you and Scott are so good at making comics at their very best. I can’t wait to play the action scientist roleplaying game.

  • JoeNotCharles




  • Ryan

    I actually like that name a great deal better.
    “Atomic Robo: The Action Scientist Roleplaying Game”

  • Daniel

    Jenkins: the character to break the game.

  • Josh Bell

    Yeah. Boy.

  • Devin Harrigan

    OH god! why don’t i have any RPG friends!

  • Charley Sumner


  • David Goodwin

    I would buy this for Dr. Dinosaur’s stats alone. 

  • Fred Hicks

    Actually, it’s Robo himself that’s going to present a bunch of challenges. Jenkins is probably going to be solvable after we solve Robo himself. :)

  • Mcellis

    I am so stoked for this game.

  • Jared Newbold

    My brain is melting out of my head.  In a good way.

  • Anonymous

    This is the greatest day that has ever lived.

  • Rob Barrett

    Peanut butter, meet chocolate. Chocolate, meet peanut butter.

  • Jon

    Just need me an Atomic Robo mini!!!

  • Ranson

    You magnificent son of a bitch.  

  • Mike

    Yay, this!

  • Suna

    The FATE system is a solid choice, I approve. I think it works well with the themes of the comic. Can’t wait to see it.

  • Scott!

    Officially the comic is actually about Jenkins as experiences from some robot’s point of view.

    If someone has to be the Hero and someone the Sidekick, Jenkins is always the Hero and Robo is happy with whatever action he can get. :) 

  • Black Campbell


  • Anonymous

    Atomic Robo and the Game of Action Science? ;)

    The first supplement could be The Action Scientist’s Survival Guide.

  • Guest

    i got three word for you: custom fudge dice

  • Scott!

    Robo heads or Tesladyne Gears for the two sides representing zero?

  • brandon

    Punch nazis!
    Travel through time!
    Fight a techno-devil from space and then PUNCH NAZIS AGAIN!
    ~But don’t retract into a quantum singularity!~

  • Anonymous

    Rest assured, there’s a bunch of people on /tg/ looking forwards to this…

  • Brian!

    Ha, glad to hear it.

  • Matt Kay
  • imprimis5

    I’m gonna necro this announcement… for SCIENCE! The Atomic Robo RPG is up for pre-order, along with the instant receipt of the PDF!