The New Site and the New Series!

The New Site and the New Series!

First up! You may have noticed the new I hope you like it. OR ELSE.

Secondly! We’ve got an all new series coming at you, Atomic Robo Presents Real Science Adventures! The first issue goes on sale next week, so order that bastard online or at your local shop.

So, what’s this series about?

One thing that happens when you figure out 90+ years of history filled with action science is you end up with a ton of crazy stories. But a lot of them just don’t fit in the “main” series. Y’know, it would’ve been kinda strange to include the time Robo trained with Bruce Lee and fought the crimelord of Hong Kong somewhere in the middle of Vol 5.

Spoiler: so, that happens.

Moreover, a lot of these stories, while they’re interesting and valuable additions, they don’t warrant a full issue. We used to handle these things with short stories in the backs of our issues, but we weren’t satisfied with that model.

The artists who drew those stories did so in their own free time. Call it fan art that just happened to be based on a Robo script they found. In their inbox. Sent by me. We loved being able to pack a little more content in our issues, but we came to hate that it got there by exploiting our friends. Sure, they came to us, in some cases they begged. But if these guys are going to take the time to draw comics for us, they should get paid for the effort.

Therefore: Real Science Adventures. This series lets us illuminate corners of Robo and his world that we don’t have time to see in the main series. It gives us room to tell, “the rest of the story.” And it lets us do it without straining your wallet.

How’s that? Each issue is only $2.50 in print or $1.99 digitally. Boom.

Every issue is a collection of several short stories, four or eight pages each, with scripts by me and art by friends we’ve made over the years. This way Scott can keep churning out pages for Volume 7 and you get twice the Robo without putting him in the hospital or crazy house.

For the record: I made a pretty compelling case that the crazy house would not be so bad, but Scott is a stubborn mule when it comes to being potentially branded mentally deficient. Whatever.

As an added bonus to our digital-only readers, RSA will include all the previously unreleased short stories from earlier volumes for free.

EDIT: I was wrong about the digital price! It’s $1.99 Argh! Fixed now.

  • Imaria

    That digital added bonus is exactly what I had hoped to read. I’ve been sad that I’ve been missing out by being a digital reader, so this is perfect. I’ll be buying these ASAP!

  • Josh Bell

    The pulp homage covers of RSA are crazy awesome. Everything’s coming up Robo.

  • Brian!

    I think #4 is my favorite. Or #3. Or oh hell any of them!

  • Devin Harrigan

    I’ve not only begged, i’ve outright bribed you! >_< 

  • Devin Harrigan

    new site set up is nice though, i dig it. 

  • Scott!

    Hey thanks. 

    And I will get you that cover (it’s #3, right?) as soon as it goes to print and I can safely sell it.

  • JM

    Will these issues also come out in trade form at some point?

  • Brian!

    Of course.

  • Brandmeister

    The 99c price is awesome.

    btw, the new site layout looks great on my iPad.  Much easier to navigate than the earlier post-preview style.

  • Brian!

    Great to hear!

  • Josh Bell

    No worries.

  • Tom

    Any chance to get them comics on Graphicly too? :(

  • Brian!

    Yup. ComiXology’s just the service that best keeps us up to date with when/where our comics are available on their network, so we tend to keep them in mind over the others.

    But you can get Robo comics through the Nook, Kindle,, Comics+, etc.

  • Phoenix316

    Is this coming out this week, the 14th, or next week, the 21St?
    there is nothing from red 5 on the diamond list this week.

  • Brian!

    We were told this week, but who knows what that actually means. :(

  • Branden Lau

    >___< I can't find it on Comixology! It's not fair! I want it now!!!!!

  • Adam Roberts

    Was hoping it would be on Comics iOS app today :(

  • Branden Lau

    Found it and got it digitally but it was for $2.99.

  • Brian!

    Yeah, there was an error with ComiXology. It should not have been released today and it should not have cost $2.99.

  • Phoenix316

    I saw it on comixology this morning and didn’t buy it cause I get the individuals at my lca and the trades when they hit real cheap on comixology. I am now dissappointed cause my lcs now says the 28th and it is gone from comixology.