Real Science Adventure — A Preview!

Real Science Adventure — A Preview!

I got to work with the two lovely ladies of Gurihiru on a couple projects for Marvel, most notably among them the sadly truncated Captain America: Fighting Avenger.

When Scott and I started batting around names for this anthology series, Gurihiru was at the top of my list. Hell, they were my list.

Wanna see some art from their story? And character designs? Of course you do!

Gurihiru’s 8-page story revolves around Tesla’s pre-Robo team mentioned in passing in the first issue of The Shadow From Beyond Time. Read it in Atomic Robo Presents: Real Science Adventures #3, available in May 2012! Pre-order it and the first two issues now! You can do it over there —->

  • Devin Harrigan

    put it in my veins!

  • Hypocee

    Oh, OK. “Of course you do” is a link to their blog post, just not obvious because of the Very Slightly Darker Gray Links Problem I know you’re working on. I spent a few minutes dinking with possible Javascript galleries before looking at the source.

  • Brian!


  • BanditoJuan

    Oh Google Translate:””Atomic Robo I was allowed to participate in the planning of short comic series called “.Gurihiru has drawn the short comic on page 8. Writer Brian Clevinger acid. May 23, five American comic released ” Atomic Robo’s Real Science Adventures is scheduled to be published in “.
    Brian is Red5Comics has issued from the original author of the series is called “Atomic Robo”. There is also a writer when I teamed up with Hulk and Captain America in Marvel drew it I received an invitation of this plan at the opportunity. The story was in charge of Atomic Robo Gurihiru is the hero does not come out Nikola Tesla is the Lord appeared in His creation. In addition, at the end of the 19th century famous people, such as Annie Oakley and Houdini to appear is a swashbuckler. Once released also will inform.  Character sketch of the picture below for this project.””

  • Josh Bell

    Does Gurihuri put out any books on a regular basis? I think I’ve only got The Fighting Avenger.

  • Brian!

    Not anymore. Here’s a bunch of stuff they did for Marvel though.

  • Josh Bell

    Oh snap! Avatar!

  • dnwilliams

    I’m excited for this book. I missed the backups a little, but this is a way better format and opens up so many new possibilities for expanding the Robo universe. And by ‘new possibilities’ I pretty much only mean Jenkins solo stories. Luckily Clevinger is more imaginative than I am, so I can look forward to being surprised. It’s great that Gurihiru is onboard.

  • Sean

    I love seeing a younger Tesla and all these other characters. He looks awesome as does everyone else and I’m very much looking forward to this story especially though they all look good. Might we ever get a special issue dealing with Tesla perhaps getting to work on what will eventually become Robo?

  • Tim

    I guess 2 weeks late for issue #1 is better than 1 whole month. Boy am I anxious to see this start.

  • Brian!

    Well, I don’t know about that.

    Apparently the original release date was March 14th, but that was changed by Diamond at some point. Not sure what it is yet! Hoping for next week.

  • Tim

    I don’t think it is Diamonds fault. However, if you click the link for Real Science Adventure #1 up top there they show it is releasing on March 28th. ( hopefully this stays)

  • Brian!

    It used to say March 14th. Diamond changed the date on us.

  • BeastieRunner