So many starts to kick

So many starts to kick

Okay, so we’re involved in some Kickstarter Kraziness.

First, is the Atomic Robo: Last Stop animation plus Dr. Dinosaur video game for Mac, iOS and Android. There’s one week left, and if we can get another $10,000 in there we’ll release a second game.

Next up is Evil Hat’s Dinocalypse Trilogy. Thanks to the miracle of Stretch Goals it’s up to five books! That includes one by me and another by C.E. Murphy. And that’s not all! We’re a hair’s breadth away from a sixth book by Harry Connolly.

Oh, and you can get all of them for $10.

Are you into pulps? Classic comics? Scholarship thereof? Jess Nevins is Kickstarter-ing an Encyclopedia of Golden Age Superheroes. This thing will be a resource and a half for comics scholars and fans alike. Get on that.

Lastly! Shadowrun. Turn-based. RPG. Video game. Tablet, PC, iOS, and Android. Make it happen, people.

  • Mike Bentley

    Just thought I’d give a mention to The Astonishing Adventures of Doc Wilde kickstarter too:

  • Edwin Lindsay

    I have put money towards the Robo and the Dinocalypse ones.

    Kickstarter has become an addiction, I am now backing a dozen projects.  The couple that have finished that I got stuff from was more than worth it.

  • Brian!

    I know, right? I think there’s a great synthesis between the Feels Good of helping to support something you’ll love that would otherwise not have a chance, and then getting that thing!

  • AK

    And congrats on the Eisner nomination!

  • Josh Bell

    Isn’t Kickstarter something like the fifth biggest publisher of graphic novels now?

  • Brian!

    It’s up there.

  • Etmasden

    Three cheers to Eisner-nominated Team Robo!  Hip, hip, etc., etc.