Free Comic Book Day 2012

Free Comic Book Day 2012

Hey, folks!

Scott and I just wanted to thank you for another great Free Comic Book Day.

If you weren’t able to score the Atomic Robo story this year, don’t worry! We’ll release it on this very site for free later this month. And if you really really want it in print, we’ve got you covered there too. This year’s FCBD story will appear in the trade paperback for Volume 7 to be released later this year.

Why not Volume 6? Because it comes out this week! Ahhhh!

Grab it at the best comic book stores in the world.

THIS JUST IN: The 2012 edition of Atomic Robo’s Free Comic Book Day story is available online for free right here. We’ll still put it on the site later this month though.

  • Kaijuforce

    I may have to re-read the FCBD issue for this year but….I didn’t really enjoy it, Dr. Dinosaur coming out of no where, like he can get to Tesladyne in less time then it takes Robo to call his A-Team in, the return of the word “Zorth” as a techno-babble catch-phrase. it all felt very gimmicky. And criticizing Team Robo is the absolute last thing I want to do!

  • Brian!
  • Alan Rapp

    Yah! Wasn’t able to get to either of the nearby comic shops soon enough. Both were out of Atomic Robo before I got there. Glad to see I’ll get to read it here soon.

  • Kaijuforce

    Yeah, very good reply, I guess I should say I didn’t have FUN reading it. I know there is no inflection in text so I really don’t want what I’m saying to come across as a complaint. I have FUN reading every other issue of Robo ever written, I just didn’t have fun reading this one.

  • Kaijuforce

    I should also add, if YOU had fun writing it then by all means continue. It’s not like I’m suddenly reconsidering the books status as “Best series on the shelves” because of a book I got for free! far from it! I look forward to Vol. 7 with a great deal of anticipation!

  • UhOh!

    Vol. 6 comes out this week?  Yes!  I’ve been waiting all year for it.  Does this mean it’ll be on Comixology this week too?

  • Brian!


  • Ryan Alperstein

    You’re not going to post it on 8-bit?

  • Josh Bell

    Best in the line of Robo’s not insignificant FCBD outings. Thanks for always producing a book that I would happily pay for, guys.

  • Brian!

    It’ll be listed “here“.

  • Ray Lucibello

     A picnic would be Zorth? :)

  • michaelk42

    I don’t think Dr. Dinosaur CAN come out of somewhere instead of out of nowhere. His entire basis is Comedic Improbability. In fact, he’s probably some nexus for Quantum Absurdity.

    And that, as we all know, can only be observed with crystals.

  • Scott!

    You’re not far off actually. Brian and I were discussing how all reality and laws of probability seem to go all funky in Dr. Dinosaur’s presence. Kind of like how the old X-Man, Longshot’s powers were simply that he was lucky. And could rock a killer mullet.

    If things ever made sense around Dr. D I think he’s be a lot less funny.

  • Rob Barrett

    The panels where the Lugers get spit up and drop into tiny hands . . . best panels all year.

  • Serge Broom

    “We can get back to hating each other AFTER we save the world from total time implosion, okay?”
    There outta be a law against comics being so much FUN.

  • Brandmeister

    (sigh) iPad Comixology, why dost thou vex me so? Is there some business reason why they don’t post new comics until after a few days on the main web site?

  • Xaviara

    just read it.  as always i love robo and all things robofied.  nice work, guys :)

  • Brian!

    I do not know!

  • Matrix Dragon

    Grabbed Volume 6 today, already planning to relax tonight as I reread it yet again. I’d just like to note that Greg Ruckas introduction was fantastic. 

  • Brian!

    Greg is good people.

  • Lars Sudmann

    Just got off of vol.6 Ghost of Station X and the 2012 FCBD. Both great reads. Even if vol.6 has quite a sad (but fitting) end. It hit all the right spots with fun, action, robo-asscracs and such. Love the details like Robo wearing the hospital clothes or the blanket in the end. You would see that on humans beings that try to cover up their special parts or to warm and comfort them after ugly situations and Robo after all is a robot. But then it’s just so spot on, so fittig. Thank you guys for putting out this great comics. May Dr Dinosaur never raise an army of near-extinct giant birds and then reign over us humans. 

  • Lars Sudmann

    BTW you didn’t mention the Atomic Lego Robo.

  • BCarbaugh

    Totally unrelated: did you guys see The Avengers?  What did you think? 

  • Brian!

    I haven’t seen it and I think Scott liked the action well enough.

  • BeastieRunner

    This is the single best comic I’ve read in ages and it was FREE! I’ve been a Robo fan since day one and I got to say, you guys brought your A game to FCBD 2012 … there’s no way you didn’t get more fans. I can’t remember the last time I laughed out loud so many times when reading a comic.

    You guys are beasts! BEASTS!

  • Brandmeister

    $2.50 25 oz micro nite. Behold. I am operating within all known safety protocols.

    Unexpected good. Glad I hit $100 on the movie. I laughed a lot on time delay FCBD.

  • BCarbaugh

    Just finished Ghost of Station X. 

    (My store had the trade somehow?  I thought it didn’t come out until June?  It was a nice surprise, at any rate.)

    Pretty goddamn great.  I mean, every volume of Robo is great, but there are certainly standouts — Shadow From Beyond Time, in particular.  And Ghosts of Station X is now right there with it.  The end of the first issue / beginning of the second?  Jeeze.  Can’t remember the last time I read an action sequence in a comic I could describe as “white knuckle”.  Scott deserves ten kinds of props for that whole sequence.  And then just a fantastically engaging mystery moving things along throughout.  And Brian’s strangely adorable trucker-fetish rearing its head again.

    One thing I found particularly interesting, without spoiling too much for anybody else, was Robo’s choice of words in one panel towards the end of the book.  He said, “You could have helped them.”


    I found that really somber and poignant, coming from Robo.  It sort of speaks to how he views himself, relative to “them”.  It’s all that whiny existential angst you’d normally get in a book about a robot, but more subtle, and condensed down enough to be delivered in a single word.

    The approach to Robo’s characterization has been like that in general, and I really like it.  We don’t really see Robo relaxing at home or doing other mundane activities; we just sort of glom bits and pieces of information about who he is and how he thinks from the nooks and crannies, in the midst of nazi-punching adventures.  It’s fascinating.  Police procedurals sort of approach characterization like that.  The effect is that you get the essence of a character from the first time you see them, but the nuanced little details get more finely-articulated as you go.

    And it’s been way more interesting to see how other characters regard Robo, as a result.  I thought of that scene in the truck-stop (“I wanted to BE a robot!”) and how, in the hands of any other writer, that probably would have been some ham-fisted scene with Robo in his house, looking over a bunch of old comic books and action figures of himself.


    Anyway, fucking stellar work.  Robo deserves every single ounce of praise it gets.

  • Brian!

    Glad you enjoyed it! Scott and I were really pushing ourselves with this one. Well, we always do, but we pushed extra this time.

    “Police procedurals sort of approach characterization like that.”

    They sure do!

  • Scott!

    Probably waiting for Apple to approve it.

  • BCarbaugh

    Ha!  Wow.  That’s pretty much exactly what I was getting at.  I’ve never seen Dragnet, but Law&Order is pretty much exactly what I was thinking about.  So instead of an episode completely oriented around Brisco, we’ll just get one scene where he, say, calls home during a stakeout, and we find out he’s got a strained relationship with his daughter.  That was sort of what went through my mind when Robo was on the phone with the second Sparrow, talking about “That old battleaxe.”

  • Brian!


    That subplot with Brisco and his daughter built for, what, at least one season if not two or three. And you could have hopped into it at any point without being lost (partly why I don’t know how long it was going on).

    It’s a form of characterization that doesn’t work for every story, but where it works it can be very powerful — both in making new comers wish to see more and in giving old timers satisfying payoffs to previously seeded scenes.

  • Ben Macedo

    Not FCBD related, but a while back  you guys mentioned an action scientist RPG possibly in the works. Just wondering if there’s been anything on that.

  • Brian!


  • Lars Sudmann

    It’s actually different this time. You know, it’s kind of weird. So far I read vol.6 only one time and I still can’t get it out of my head. There is something about this story that resonates so strong (at least with me) and that’s a rare occasion. I read a bunch of other comics since then, watched the very good Avengers movie and my thoughts still come back to Robo. 

    I liked Robo before it was a really fun ride with really good adventure stories but this time you guys managed to do something special (at least for me) and it’s kind of difficult to explain. The story regarding Robo in this one reminded me of the struggle Data had in Star Trek TNG where he is one of a kind for most of the time and struggles to get more human, to understand Humans and Emotions and in Ghost of Station X Robo kind of is the same. As far as I can think about, it’s the first time Robo gets really hurt and I was worried that, in the process of rebuilding him, he and we (as the readers) would lose something, the thing that makes Robo Robo. 

    You had his struggle to get human acceptance covered in other stories. This time it’s Robo that encounters kind of himself in a what would have been if there were other circumstances that led to his creation and socialization. When Robo finally encounters Alan (and I was “wow” then), you can really see in Robos face the surprise, the excitement. Or at least read it from the dialogue and in the finale when it’s all done it is really hearbreaking. Robo finds someone who is like him but then is not like him and choosing between humans and Alan breaks his atomic core as well. 

    Kudos, guys. Great job.

  • Hypocee

    Just a reminder that FCBD 2012 hasn’t gone up as planned. Wandered across here today and I know things slip through the cracks.