Let’s make a museum for Tesla

Let’s make a museum for Tesla

We talked about it before, but it looks like there’s some crowd funding momentum to establish the Tesla Museum at Wardenclyffe.

They’ve already raised over half a million bucks, but we’re not there yet!

  • http://twitter.com/Featherweight_ Devin Harrigan

    If that museums gift shop doens’t have Robo trades Ima be smad*.

    *both sad and mad

  • https://twitter.com/SeeSome Charley Sumner

    C’mon Brian & Scott, you should be reposting this on Twitter every couple of days.

  • Scott!

    What? Your finger’s broken?

    The button’s right down there. ;D

  • https://twitter.com/SeeSome Charley Sumner

    I did tweet about the museum, but you have more followers than me :D

    OTOH, I’m working on getting my sister, who’s a director at IEEE, to get the Powers That Be over there to show their support for the museum as well.

  • Scott!

    I’ve been Tweeting it irregularly. Kind of got more work than I can handle just getting Vol.7 done. But I will try and make it a daily thing.

  • Featherweight

    Yay, the goal has been hit! now at the very least the land if safe from mini malls. Still alot of time left on the clock now its time to get the Museum built!

  • BCarbaugh

    Have you guys seen those “Baman Piderman” animations? There’s a character wearing an Atomic Robo shirt in the newest one. Made me laugh.


  • http://www.nuklearpower.com Brian!

    Lindsay and Alex are our buddies, so yeah!