Double Dippin’, Atomic Robo Style

Double Dippin’, Atomic Robo Style

Atomic Robo and the Flying She-Devils of the Pacific #3 goes on sale September 19th — that’s next Wednesday! Grab it online, locally, or digitally!

Atomic Robo Present Real Science Adventures #6 goes on sale September 19th — that’s also next Wednesday! Grab it online, locally, or digitally! And you can pre-order the first trade collecting all six issues for UNDER $10. What the what!

The first round of the Atomic Robo RPG public beta test is live. All slots are already full, y’know, ’cause we’re so amazingly popular? But keep an eye on the blog of lead developer Mike Olson for Round 2, which will be starting up any day now. In the meantime you can find some Round 1 folks discussing their experiences by checking out #ARRPG on Twitter.

Not much else to report, really! Scott’s buried in the fifth and final issue of Volume 7. I finally wrapped my head around the outline to Volume 9. Next up is probably our Free Comic Book Day issue for 2013.

We’re leaning away from Dr. Dinosaur this time. I know, reading that is like learning there’s no Santa Claus all over again. But we giveth even as we taketh away: Volume 8 will be Atomic Robo and the Savage Sword of Dr. Dinosaur.

So, we’re not giving you a Dr. Dinosaur issue because we’re giving you five Dr. Dinosaur issues instead!

  • Justin Harford

    I’m filled with so much joy

  • Ryan Alperstein

    Any DrD is GOOD DrD. I know you tried to set up Helsingard as Robo’s foil, but DrD just works so much better. All of Robo’s smarts and physical abilities, just wrapped with insanity and doused in explosions.

  • Brian!

    I think it depends on the story being told. Helsingard works through huge plans put into motion across decades.

    Dr. Dinosaur is a maniac.

    Both are fun, but one is funnier.

  • Hypocee

    The Philadelphia Experiment! How did I not anticipate that? What a match!

  • Edward Liu

    “The Savage Sword of Dr. Dinosaur.”

    ACK!!! Brain…can’t take…much more…AWESOME!!!!

  • BeastieRunner

    UndEdison is pretty good, too.

  • Jen Peters

    Heck yeah! I started reading Robo earlier this year (My hubby held out the crack and I took it) and have since become a huge fan. Thanks to Brian and Scott and keep em coming!!

  • Ola R√łyseland

    Consider me sold on the colors! This issue is a FEAST for the eyes. It took some adjustment time, but this is fantastic! It looks soo good! And the art is amazing!

  • Brian!

    I’m glad you guys enjoyed our latest issues!

    Real Science Adventures will be on a little break, but hopefully we’ll do another 5 or 6 issues in 2013. It’ll still be an anthology, but with longer pieces. Probably full one-shots per issue, and probably with something that ties them together.

    Meanwhile, you haven’t seen anything yet in She-Devils. Issue 4 is a roller coaster and Issue 5 is 22 pages of Scott Draws Like A Maniac.