Meet Robo’s creators in November!

Meet Robo’s creators in November!

Wanna meet Brian and/or Scott? Wanna do it soon? Then I hope you’re in Chapel Hill or New York City!

First up we’ve got the North Carolina Comicon in beautiful Chapel Hill, NC on November 17th and 18th. I’ll be flying solo on that one, as the bomb implanted into Scott’s skull at birth will detonate the moment he crosses the Mason-Dixon Line or if he gets near a fried chicken. So, even if we could disable the GPS, he’d never make it out of North Carolina alive.

Then both Scott and I will appear at a signing at Midtown Comics starting at 6:30pm Friday, November 30th.

Come on down! Bring your friends. Buy Robo stuff! Otherwise we’ll be sad and lonely. And poor.

  • Hiromalo

    Trapped in Massachusetts, but it sounds awesome! I’ll just keep buying comics and meet you in spirit or something.

  • two-toes

    Why do I live in Australia? There’s no (well, not much) awesome here.

  • Avi

    Come on down to Maryland sometime! ;)

  • Brian!

    We really should.

  • Sean Dawson

    Yes, you really should!

  • Avi

    SPX is a nice indie con here

  • Scott!

    I applied this past year but I guess I was late and never heard anything from them. I guess I’ll get that check back . . .eventuanever?

  • Kaijumaster

    pity, those are not in my Area. I’ll be visiting some place called ‘A Comic shop’ Next month though in Florida….

  • Brian!

    It’s a great shop run by some great guys!

  • Kaijumaster

    So I hear.

  • costa

    come to montreal in canada!