She-Devils Issue #4 – GET IT

She-Devils Issue #4 – GET IT

Atomic Robo and the Flying She-Devils of the Pacific #4 is coming at you Wednesday, November 14th.

Grab it at your local shop, or order it online, or download it to your fancy Android/iOS thingies.

Then come down to the North Carolina Comicon that very weekend and tell me how much you liked it.

In other news we’re locking down details on the next batch of Atomic Robo Presents Real Science Adventures. No, Chris, these are not real adventures of real science. Because that would be stupid.

I don’t want to give out too many details, but here’s the basics.

Six issues.

With fewer stories.

Because they’re longer stories.

And more Tesla.

  • Josh Bell

    Tesla’s Centurions of Science was the highlight of RSA for me, so more can only be a good thing.

  • Kleeks

    Sorry, but I do not like the new colorist. I love the old one, what happen? I gave the new work 4 issues, and this last issue only made me hate it more. During the aerial fight scene, I couldn’t tell up from down, eventually all the panels all had orange backgrounds?

    According to the guru of comics, Scott McCloud, anything that does not help move the story forward is working against the story. I can’t look at any of the panels without the colors bugging me.

    Does the colorist not have gradients on his version of Photoshop? Why can’t A.R. have glowing eyes? That’s one of my favorite things about him along with his snappy wardrobe. When I opened the first issue of the “She-Devils,” I thought that I got a poorly printed issue. I almost returned it to the comic book store, as some of the panels were solid black.

    The upside is that I’m working at entering the coloring field, and if this guy can get hired, I’m hopeful for my chances.

  • RonShirtz

    I must add that I too have been underwhelmed by the smaller visual footprint in the latest series. Scott mentioned that he is experimenting drawing at 100% scale instead of the traditionally larger size that is reduced later. In my opinion this reduces, not enhances the dramatic visual effect found in the the earlier issues.
    There is huge difference in visual excitement between The Ghost of Station X and this latest volume. The story line, however is top-notch

    In short, Atomic-Robo seems less than larger than life, and more ordinary in the new illustration format.

  • Brian!


  • Brian!

    I’m looking at both. You sure about that?

    I mean, there are more details in parts of Vol 6 because there are more things in the backgrounds of Vol 6 because 50% of the story doesn’t take place in the sky.

  • Anique Zimmer

    Gradients, really?

  • RonShirtz

    I prefer the thinner strokes used in faces in previous issues versus the simplified lines in the facial features of She Devils that seem heavier and bolder.

    And yes, I miss Robo’s glowing eyes too.

  • Hypocee

    Just so everyone’s on the same page, are the colors printed in floppies of 7.4 now the colors that Scott and Nick want to be there?

  • Scott!

    Before I answer that, I just want to say, yet again, for the record, that I love the work Nick has been doing. Yes, not everything translated from computer to paper the way we expected. But even so, I personally feel that this is the best looking Robo mini-series we have produced yet. Ronda did great work, but I was terrible at expressing my ideas and concepts to her.

    I certainly don’t feel that it’s been the end-of-the-world catastrophe that a few fans have made it out to be. Of the artists whose opinions I respect and seek regularly the universal response has been extremely positive. The only non-artist who gets a vote is Brian, and as far as I know he is also very happy with Nick’s work.

    Hopefully -and I expect that this is true- people who love Robo and thus have feelings about it trust us enough to stick with us and see where this all goes. We love and appreciate that people are taking this journey into Robo’s world with us, and we only ever have the books best interests in mind.

    I think if the two guys who invest every waking hour in making Atomic Robo can take a few printing hiccups in stride and chock it up to experience, its not asking very much at all for the rest of the gang to just relax about it. ;D

    To answer your question: Soooort of?

    More or less yes. Nick’s been tweeking his monitor settings with each issue so he gets closer and closer to what the pages will actually look like in print. And there’s still a lot of back and forth -“I like this, but not that, so more of the first and less of the second.” That sort of thing. But its still photons from a screen vs color on a page. (And holy hell does this stuff look amazing on my iPad.) So it will never be 100%. It wasn’t with Ronda either.

    There are a few things that we did no change in Vol.7, even though we’d figured them out, because it would have actually altered the consistency of the line work in the TPB. We will be getting together once I finish FCBD to mind-meld our computers and tinker with Photoshop settings on my end.

    It’s harder to see because there was no earlier work to compare it to, but the colors from Vol.1-Vol.6 also underwent a lot of changes. This sort of thing is constantly happening behind the scenes. Its actually one of the facets of making comics that I find super interesting and engaging.

    What made it more spectacular here is that you had a totally new artist, with his own processes, tool sets, and aesthetics jump in with little to no prep-time. It’s only a slight exaggeration to say that when Nick said yes to the job and asked when the first issue was due my answer was, “last week.”

  • Hypocee

    Right. OK. Quite aside from “you’re coloring a years-long series now GO!”, there just no point in having any opinion while we were literally not seeing what you were due to technical issues.