You want some original comic art, don’t ya?



So, we’re gonna make it easy for you. From right this minute until Jan 1, 2013, all Scott Wegener original art prices will be slashed.

Here’s how it breaks down in giant letters.

25% discount on all Vol 7 covers and pages.

50% discount on all Vol 1 – 6 covers and pages.

50% discount on all FCBD art and Real Science Adventures covers.

75% discount on everything that is not Robo.

Just include the promo code @Scott_Wegna in the email subject line when you contact Bob The Art Rep about the art you wanna buy.

  • featherweight

    O man this reminds me I never did get that page we talked about last time you had a super scott sale. I’ll e-mail bob i hope it just never got shipped or the like I’d be super sad if it was lost in the mail.

  • Scott!

    You never got that? Oh crap! Let me know what Bob has to say.

  • comicarthouse

    Hey guys, this was mailed off MONTHS ago. I’ve already replied to the e-mail that featherweight sent to me.

  • Steven Palchinski-Guerrero

    Hey. Just looked at the volume 7 issue 2 pages and it shows the issue 1 pages instead.

  • featherweight

    did not get the reply , Hotmail was down for a few hours today that probably has something to do with it. please re-send.

  • Scott!

    Was there a tracking # or insurance on it? Or do we just need to replace it with something new?

  • Eurion

    Awesome stuff! Just sent off my e-mail. Hope the ones I’m interested in are still available… :)

  • Kaijumaster

    Excellent news.
    I’ve sent an email to the contact.
    A silly question I know, but these are the original drawings? or a reproduction?

  • Brian!

    All original.

  • Kaijumaster

    Phenomenal! now I really can’t wait for the reply email, I gotta give you guys some more money!

  • kaijumaster


  • Kaijumaster

    purchase en route, and after seeing the updated ‘Sold out’ listings I cannot believe how fortunate I was to get the page I wanted. Thank you all again so much for everything you do.

  • Scott!

    Oh dag! I will take a look and let Bob know.

  • Priest

    Just got the cover and pages I ordered, and it looks even better than I thought it would. Now to consider my framing choices. Thanks guys!

  • Scott!

    Glad it arrived safely!

  • Csupiot

    I wish there were tesladyne tees

  • Brian!

    There were and there will be again in 2013.

  • CSupiot

    Cool! I was looking for one since i discover Atpmic Robo last summer… Just the simbol ^^