Real Science Adventures #7

Real Science Adventures #7

First: we listened to your input and we changed the format.

Second, you can reserve the first issue at your local shop right now with Diamond Code JAN131256. Or pre-order it online for less than two dollars.

Retailers and fans begged us to make more Atomic Robo material from day one. Scott can only draw so fast because he insists on being allowed to sleep and occasionally eat. The solution, because full conversion borgs are mere fiction, was Real Science Adventures: a showcase for smaller stories set in Robo’s world, as well as an excuse to work with artists Scott and I met during our careers in action science.

The first six issues feature four or five short stories each with two stories in each issue linking up into two separate twenty-four page stories.

Uh, the collected edition makes that a lot easier to follow.

The main complaint about RSA #1 – 6 was that the short stories were too short and the long form stories suffered from being broken up. That is 100% on me. It was my call to organize the series like that and I’m the guy who wrote everything.

Luckily, I’m an easy guy for me to negotiate with. So, here’s the deal for the next batch of Real Science Adventures.

Six artists.

Six issues.

One story per issue.

Each story is about “Tesla’s Seven,” the Centurions of Science.

Together these issues tell the tale of the Billion Dollar Plot to overthrow the government of the United States of America way back in 1893. The series is jam packed with industrial espionage, train hijacks, explosions, Electrowheels, War Crawlers, and some swamp men.

You really, really want in on this. Get it locally (JAN131256). Get it online.

  • Worthog

    As an Atomic Robo and Doc Savage fan, I can only say SQUEEEEEEE!!!

  • Devin Harrigan

    I am pleased. very pleased,

  • TIM

    Boo. liked seeing Bruce Lee in multiple comics. Booo

  • Brian!

    Spoiler: you’ll like these too.

  • Kaijumaster

    Excellent news, 1893? So does this tie into the short story from Vol. 1?
    I liked Vol. 1 a lot though ‘The Dark Ages’ made me tear up….it was so true..

  • Brian!

    Sort of. There’s just not a lot about the original Centurions of Science story that lends itself to explicitly connecting to the new one. But they do link up, a little, beyond using the same cast of protagonists.

  • Jonathan Boynton

    Awesome! Looking forward to it!

  • Jeff Wiesneski

    That’s excellent to hear. The organization of the issues was actually why I didn’t buy any past issue #2.

  • Matthew Rogers

    Have these been published yet? If so, can I still get them!?

  • Brian Clevinger

    You can pre-order #7 – 10. Click me.