Real Science Adventures #8 — pre-order now!

Real Science Adventures #8 — pre-order now!

Yup, Real Science Adventures #8 is ready for your pre-orders, folks. This is the second installment of the six-part series featuring Tesla’s team of 19th century luminaries fighting to save the United States. Gasp!

Here’s the solicit to give you a hint of what’s to come.

It’s 1893 and a cabal of industrialists plot to overthrow the rule of law! All they need is Nikola Tesla’s top secret project to do it! Starring Annie Oakley, Wong Kei-ying, and an electrifying train heist like you’ve never seen!

Run down to your local store and tell them to add it to your pull list (Diamond code FEB131118 to make it a little easier for ‘em).

Order it online from Midtown Comics for less than two dollars oh my god how do we they do it?!

  • Devin Harrigan