The folks at The Fictory are hard at work putting the finishing touches on Atomic Robo: Last Stop, the animated short film you guys made possible that will come out May 2013.

In the meantime they released Atomic Robo: Violent Science. Whuuuut? It’s a handheld video game from Second Fiction with lots of fast paced platformer action — power ups, double-jumps, spikes, explosions, crystals — the total package!

Grab it for iOS right here. Windows 8 and Android versions will be incoming soon.

If you have problems getting the game to work, it seems that deleting it and then re-installing it tends to sort things out. If that doesn’t work for you please report to…

…and include: your specific device, the version of iOS you are running, and what happens when it doesn’t work.

  • Mario Di Giacomo

    Couldn’t get it to work on my phone. I’ll try the iPad tonight.

  • Turd Ferguson

    Yup… no workie on my iPhone, either. Just a black screen then crash. =(

  • Scott!

    Hmm, similar issues on my iPad. :(

    Have sent an email to the Fictory guys.

  • Second Fiction

    Hey folks, I am really sorry for the inconvenience. We are really all over this and though we tested on 27 different devices throughout the testing phase, we did not expect these kinds of isolated issues!

    Here’s the good news, we will make it work and we will make it right.

    First off, perhaps obviously this does not work on anything under an iPhone4 or below an iPad2. Just isn’t fast enough. I’ve updated the description to make the hardware requirements more obvious. Please contact me at if you accidentally installed it on a legacy device.

    Next, please be sure to see that you have the latest version of iOS installed. While this shouldn’t matter, it seems to.. and it seems to effect your success rate of launching the game. If you do not have iOS 6.1.2 please run that update, delete Violent Science and re-install.

    Finally, if you haven’t done this in a while, go through and close open apps (double click home button and x-out) then just give the phone a reboot. This can help.

    We value your feedback! This is our first effort as this team of game makers and you are really helping us on the ground level. We will not forget that!

    Thanks to all of you for your comments and communication,

  • Scott!

    Thanks Allen! :)

  • kaijumaster

    wowza, when did this get posted, I went to the Fictory this morning and there was no new information. Now a May release date? Excellent news. at long last I shall own a copy of Vol. 6 !

  • Cisco Kid

    Success on both my iPad 2 and iPhone 5.

  • Allen Clements

    any luck with the above fixes?

  • Allen Clements

    Thanks! it’s nice to get feedback when it works too :)

  • Ryan Melvaer

    It worked on my iPhone 4S. Very fun game. What is going to be the full price of the game?

  • Brian!

    Worked on my 4GS from the start. No problems. Super fun.

  • Allen Clements

    Not 100% sure what or when but I’m sure it would never be more than another buck to DL unless we experience rampant inflation or come into some apocalyptic scenario but if that happens I reccomendation non-perishable foods as wise consumer choices. :)

  • kylethoreau

    play as atomic robo! Cause he sure can’t. Yes I can’t not love the irony of this game.

  • Brian Clevinger

    Vol 8 shows Robo using an iPad-like device. WHAAAAAAAT HOW?

    I dunno. It’s been two years since the complaint. They fixed it.

  • Scott!

    Or he got those little tabs they put in winder gloves for tablet using outdoors installed in his fingertips. :P

  • Brandon Carbaugh

    I like the idea of a sullen robo begrudgingly screwing nubs from radioshack into his fingers just so he can work touchscreens. And all the while mumbling about how things were simpler when computers ran on transistor tubes and you controlled them by unplugging the tubes.