Pre-order Extravaganza – Vol 8 and RSAv2 go go go

Pre-order Extravaganza – Vol 8 and RSAv2 go go go

Let me break it down for you.

The first four issues of Real Science Adventures Volume 2: The Billion Dollar Plot are now available for pre-order. You can get them all for under $10. Let’s see someone else beat that deal.


The new story starts here with art by Erica Henderson. Erica is also providing colors for each issue of this series. Pre-order it online, at your local shop, or from ComiXology.


Caanan Grall delivers a roller coaster made of comic book pages for the second issue. Pre-order it online or at your local shop.


Leela Wagner navigates the subterfuge and back alley brawls of the third issue. Pre-order it online or at your local shop.


Lastly, for now, Erich Owen sets the place on fire with his art on the fourth issue. Pre-order it online or at your local shop.

We’ll let you know as soon as Issue #11 and #12 become available!


But that’s not all! You can also pre-order the first issue of Atomic Robo and the Savage Sword of Dr. Dinosaur. I just spent five minutes flipping through the issue to find a fun image to include in this post, but everything is a spoiler ahhhhhhhhh! Reserve it online or at your local shop.

  • Kaijumaster

    Revisiting *SPOILER* Island so soon? Thats not a complaint! That is WONDERFUL news!

  • DrowningRabbit

    As I’m finally making the move to all digital for this Volume (Then inevitably buying the trade in print), I was saddened that I couldn’t simply reserve the digital versions. Then again, I can get them day and date, so there isn’t really a NEED to? There is just something about knowing the exact moment it hits that I have it.

  • Brian Clevinger

    Yeah, you can buy the digital versions at any time on the day of release. Or any day thereafter. Just keep an eye on this website and our Twitters to stay up to date with release schedules.

    There might be a way to subscribe to a series, but you might have to wait until the first issue of the next mini comes out before that’s available. Uh, IF it it at all.

  • BeastieRunner

    You guys are still doing a FCBD short, right?

    ALSO: Woohoo! More Robo!

  • Scott!

    Doing it? Shee’it son, I did that back in December. ;D

  • Scott Smith

    So, excuse me if I’m just being an idiot, but are these no longer available from Comixology?

  • Devin Harrigan

    they will be. no worries their.

  • Scott!

    They all will be when they come out. You can’t pre-order a digital comic as far as I know.

    If you can . . .what’s the point? Is your virtual store not going to order enough digital comic books for everyone to get a copy? :D

    PS: not a dumb questions. You were not being an idiot. ;)

  • Kaijumaster

    Diamond says RSA #7 & #8 are coming out Wensday…….

  • Brian!

    Very likely to only be #7.

  • kaijumaster

    well that’s OK, because #7 was outstanding!

  • Brian!


  • Brian!

    The URL is now included in this post, but here it is all over again.

  • cyberwulf

    brian how can i protect myself reading the raw uncontained awesome and hilarty of the savage sword of dr dinosaur also will futuresuarus rex return aand will there be an actual savage sword

  • Jacob Carlson

    why is robo in a hazamat suit

  • Brian!

    Part of it takes place in the jungle. And as established in Vol 3, Robo doesn’t like the jungle/bugs.