Savage Sword of Dr. Dinosaur #1 – 6/26

Savage Sword of Dr. Dinosaur #1 – 6/26

Here’s the deal.

The first issue of our new mini-series comes out tomorrow. What you should is get it.


You can get it on your smartphone and superpads, or order it from an online retailer, or grab it at your local comic book shop.

There’s a problem with that last one though.

I happen to know this issue was our lowest ordered issue through the direct market to date. I cannot begin to imagine why since we put the words “Doctor” and “Dinosaur” right in the title, but there it is. I have to assume that if your shop is one of those Super Robo Friendly shops, then they knew to order a ton of these things and you’ll be fine.

But if your shop is one of those “Is that a Marvel or DC?” shops, well, you can still have them order the thing for you at no additional cost. We printed plenty, so the spare copies are in abundance, and pestering your shop will help them to avoid the same error on Issue #2.

  • Dalek Agent

    Getting ridiculously excited – any idea when the TPB will be released?

  • Brian!

    Probably Dec 2013 or Jan 2014.

  • Eurion

    Pre-ordered and awaiting my copy to be shipped :)

  • kaijumaster

    sweet! Here’s hoping the kindly old wizard (not actually much of an exaggeration) ordered my copy. if not, there is a SUPER Robo friendly shop in the next city over!

  • Funbot68

    Any word on the Robo merch?

  • Scott!

    Getting there. There was a delay on the back end that is out of our control. We were hoping to make an announcement last week. :(

  • Funbot68

    Great news. My daughters and I are huge fans. The youngest daughter has a wall of her bedroom covered in original Robo pages and commissioned Robo artwork. Looking forward to more Dr. Dinosaur goodness. Keep up the great work!

  • Brian!

    It’s so close to launch it’s silly.

    I think you guys will REALLY enjoy what we’ve got cooking.

  • Funbot68

    Thanks for the update. By “cooking” do you mean Dr. Dinosaur branded crystals, Atomic Robo fully functioning lightning guns, and Jenkins plushies? That would be awesome.

  • Scott!

    No, we’ve built a meth lab and . . .SPOILERS

  • Funbot68

    So, a different kind of crystal. That would be cool too. I’ll tell my kids Dr. Dinosaur made them.

  • kaijumaster

    Got it, WOW that is the best issue #1 you guys have done in some time! ( Not to be read that others have been lacking) I genuinely look forward to the rest!

  • Ondi Ree

    I am ridiculously excited. The comixology description was hilarious.

    In fact, it was GENIOUS, and yes, I know I added an “o”.

    I will buy this on ipad (at full price, and I am cheap) and I will order it at the store.


    BTW, why aren’t you making more statues? grrrr.

  • JP

    Loved it…..I didn’t know robots could sneeze either!! No chance I could get a preview copy of issue 2 by say,,,,tomorrow?

  • Brian!

    There will be more. Stay tuned.

  • Brian!

    Yeah, I never know how to take “best X in a while!” comments ;D

  • Kal

    I assume it’s some kind of Dr. Dinosaur cookbook for all manner of ghastly food preparations.

  • StupidSmarch

    Loved this issue and all the callbacks. Will I ever see Ro-Man from Robot Monster ever again?

  • Brian!

    Probably not. But maybe?

  • StupidSmarch


  • Hypocee

    Loved it, very well done. Robo’s always head and shoulders above, but I don’t thiiink I physically LOLed at any point in 7 or 6 or 5. Twice in one issue here, and neither was even at Dr. D. They shouldn’t all be laugh riots, but when you do try for comedy in “comics” you’re livin’ on the edge. The harness gag was also something I’ve never seen before, what a weird establishing detail, compact joke, and thrilling panel all in one.

    In terms of actionable criticism:

    Words: If you ever make changes for the trade…all of us here know what the suit’s for, but a new reader wouldn’t understand the stakes of the joke because nobody ever mentions bugs. It seems trivial to me to tack on a couple words to Jerry’s incredulous line. “The jungle! Bug central!”? “..Insect central”? “…World insect capital”? I know, you probably built something like that and stripped it out for flow, but when I first read it my eyes went back of their own accord to the hole in the script. I think the joke’s important enough – it’s on the cover! – to be worth a dash of clunk.

    Pictures: I have been and remain perfectly happy with the smaller rounder style, but one aspect in this issue (not She-Devils, as far as I recall) is eye slant is a notch excessive sometimes. It’s not just Lang with the epicanthic fold extensions, Ben’s eyes approach 60 degrees and go crosseyed at one point – I think in a single panel with the local researcher, whose eyes are normal in that panel. In general people look young, and astonished when they’re supposed to be worried or puzzled. Drawing is hard.

    Also Pictures: Not a criticism but something I’ve been keeping in mind and I happen to be typing at you now. If you use other cartoonists for reference, please be aware of Danielle Corsetto of Girls With Slingshots, . I’ve been thinking of GWS since She-Devils started; Corsetto’s far toonier than I think you’re aiming for, but her style’s the closest I know of to New Wegener, with similar deployment of angles and line weight. The handy bit is that although she’s good all around, her greatest strengths are facial diversity and innovation in expression. In about one of three strips I’ll see an emotion, pose or angle that I’ve never seen drawn before.

  • Brian!

    re: clunk.

    I get what you’re saying, but every volume of Atomic Robo has moments written specifically to only “click” if you’ve paid attention to everything else. This even applies to Vol 1 where there’s a set up in there you guys won’t even know about until you see its pay off in a volume we haven’t done yet (what).

    That’s the bug suit in this issue. If you don’t “get” it because you haven’t read or just forgot about Vol 3, then you don’t care about it. If you do get it, then bonus points. Alternatively, if you read Vol 8 before Vol 3, you get a little smile if you remember Vol 8 had Robo in a protective suit for “no reason” when you learn AHA there was a reason all along.

    Whether or not it’s WISE to include these elements, that’s another discussion and my position is basically, “Dunno, maybe not. But we do!”

  • Ryan Scheckel

    On the “lowest ordered issue through the direct market
    to date” issue, my LCS uses some software thingy that automatically orders based on customers’ desired pulls. I, of course, have asked that all things Atomic Robo be ordered for me. When I stopped by last week, it hadn’t been ordered. I inquired and they dude said he could see that the entry was present in the system, it just hadn’t been ordered. He then said that the system is “integrated” with Diamond’s system… He said he was going to look into it further, but I wonder if other LCS’s use similar or the same system if there was some sort of glitch?

  • Scott!

    Ugh! Who knows?

    Because we aren’t a monthly book, and because we aren’t with a major publisher, our book gives Diamond’s system the fits every time we come out with a new mini-series.

    It’s extremely frustrating.

  • Jared P. Foust

    No, you are ABSOLUTELY right to include those things! It’s one of my very favorite aspects of Robo, ingeniously employed, and it’s one of the things I constantly rave about when I’m hyping up the comic to my friends – and since we run a film production company, we’re all really big on story, so that gets them pretty excited to sit down and check it out for themselves, believe it or not!

    So yeah. I literally just joined so I could gush over that tiny little aspect of your comic so I think you’re definitely onto something. XD

    Also, my friend Matt picked up a copy of this for me recently and I am SO EXCITED to read it next week when we meet up! Keep up the good work!

  • Dr. Bolty

    Loved this issue!

    I did think that this was, unfortunately, the weakest #1 issue of Robo for hooking new readers. I love the exploration of the fallout of Ghost of Station X, but I was hoping for a 100% accessible issue with which to introduce a friend of mine to comics. Granted, I think it still works as a great first issue, just a little less so than every other Atomic Robo #1 comic (the curse of sky-high standards, I suppose!).

    And, curious, is the as-yet-unnamed Tesladyne employee who comes upon the package male, butch female, transgender male, or genderqueer? I could not tell which, but was absolutely delighted to see someone of ambiguous gender with a high position in Tesladyne’s hierarchy.

  • Scott!

    It *is* the hardest volume to jump in on, BUT, everything you need to know -Robo is being blitzed by a media smear campaign, he wants to get away from it for a while -is right there on the first 3 pages. You don’t need to have read Vol.6 at all.

    I think this is still a perfectly okay “First Robo comic” in my opinion. The details of Vol.6 are essentially irrelevant to how the story unfolds, but hopefully add additional weight to the situation for you guys who know what is up.

    I would give this to a first time reader and not worry about it, but if I had a Vol.1 laying around I would certainly hand them that first.

    The Tesladyne Archivist is based on my friend L. Nicholes She is bi (which I discovered during a heated debate over the sexual merits of Will Reiker’s beard one night), married to a lovely lady, and while I have never directly asked her, my impression is that genderqueer might fit her best. But that would be for my own need to categorize people. Really not sure where she stands on that.

    She is RIDICULOUSLY fun to draw, and I’ve rather enjoyed the confusion she has generated.

  • Brian!

    Yeah, you have a more complete idea of what’s up with those nukes and why Robo’s in trouble with them if you tackled Vol 6 first, but you get enough by Page 1, Panel 1 of this issue to go forward without being confused.

    Sure, you might not know why Robo was implicated with nuclear arms trafficking, but you also don’t need to know it for the rest of the story to unfold, and I think that’s what lets this story work.