Vol 8 and RSAv2: Pre-order them issues!

Vol 8 and RSAv2: Pre-order them issues!

I hope you guys are enjoying the first issue of Atomic Robo and the Savage Sword of Dr. Dinosaur. We’ve been working toward this story since 2009, so y’know, you better like it.

And we’ve got more comin’ at you! You can, right this minute, pre-order every single upcoming issue of our new RSA volume “The Billion Dollar Plot” featuring Nikola Tesla’s Centurions of Science battling shadowy agents of the 19th century’s military industrial complex.

Real Science Adventures #9

With art from Leela Wagner and Ryan Cody. Charles Fort, Winfield Scott Lovecraft, and Ehrie “Houdini” Weis uncover the true axis of evil. It might involve swamp men? Pre-order it! Diamond Code: MAR131271

Real Science Adventures #10

With art from Erich Owen. The Centurions of Science strike back! And seal their own doom in doing so. Pre-order it! Diamond Code: APR131219

Real Science Adventures #11

With art from Enduro. The Centurions of Science are scattered to the winds as The Billion Dollar Plot reaches its zenith. Also? New York City is doomed. Pre-order it! Diamond Code: MAY131251

Real Science Adventures #12

With art from M.D. Penman. The big finale. And I mean BIG. Don’t miss it! Pre-order it! Diamond Code: JUN131258

Savage Sword of Dr. Dinosaur #2

Robo and the Action Scientists are captured by Dr. Dinosaur and his minions. Wait, he has minions?! Pre-order it! Diamond Code: JUN131257

Savage Sword of Dr. Dinosaur #3

Things heat up for Robo in Hollow Earth while Tesladyne HQ comes under siege. Don’t worry though, things can only get worse. Pre-order it! Diamond Code: JUL131263

  • Serge Broom

    Enjoyed the first issue of “The savage Sword of Dr. Dinosaur” and am looking forward to the rest.
    One more thing… It was a pleasure, meeting the two of you at the Albuquerque Comic Expo.

  • Johnny Jagwani

    how many titles for trade papersbacks do you guys have left, after you kicked it all off with a title competition? let me geuss tesladyne secret, right?

  • Scott!

    Serge, it was great meeting you also!! THose Hexbreaker pages brought back some memories and got my creative juices flowing. Thanks so much!!

  • Scott!

    IT’s always changing, but we’ve got at least another eight or ten solid ideas cooking at the moment.

  • Kaijumaster

    Honestly I’m glad you post these.
    My local shop is closing down and if no one picks up the business by the end of next month….well now you’ve solved my problem of getting physical copies.

    On another note, how is it every episode of ‘Nuts and Bolts’ you two make Robo sound like such a thrown together creation when it is so utterly amazing?

  • Scott!

    Robo is simultaneously the most over-planned and totally pulled out of our butt comic in history.

  • http://www.nuklearpower.com Brian!

    Everyone who makes this book passes the buck to the next guy in line. I trust Scott to clean up my laziness. Scott trusts Nick to clean up his laziness. All three of us trust Jeff to cover up our laziness. And Jeff trusts me to throw him under the bus on a deadline.

    Works out great!

  • Ranson

    I swear that getting RSA must be the most befuddling job in the world for my comic shop. They finally managed to get regular Robo approximately on-time, but RSA just seems to flummox them. Now that they’ve finally gotten me issue #8 this week (oddly, #7 came in when expected), perhaps they’ll manage to get the rest when they actually ship.

  • kaijumaster

    Welcome to my world! I’m glad to have Company! LOL