Connecticon – July 11 – 14!

Connecticon – July 11 – 14!

Scott and I will appear at Connecticon this very weekend, July 11 – 14! You should come down and see us. Also I gather there’s an absurd list of other guests who are much more interesting than we are. But spend your money with us first.

We will have all seven trade paperback volumes of Atomic Robo and the first Real Science Adventures collection available for sale.

Also, Scott will draw things for you.

Also, our sunny* dispositions!



  • Ondi Ree

    Are you guys there all four days? not sure if I am going, yet. But, I can only make it for one day if I do. Also, I dig the kickstarter, trying to decide on my level of support. I do, after all, have a master’s degree…in SCIENCE! (can you tell me where that’s from?) I want one of the T-shirts, but, I must have that mug!

  • Jonathan Boynton

    Completely random question, are you guys going to be at Gencon?

  • Scott!

    Nope. :(

  • Ondi Ree

    how about boston, august 3rd and 4th. It’s a great event.

  • Scott!

    Nope again.

    Boston used to be a good show for me when it was local. But since moving to NYC it’s a pain to get to and because I used to be “one of the locals” getting travel or hotel covered is impossible.

    Don’t get me wrong; the guys who run it are great. ITs always felt like there were weird internal thing happening behind the scene, or the idea that they had to spend money in order to make it didn’t quite jive. I dunno.

    I miss the show, but the expense doesn’t justify the time investment for me. Brian has never been.