The first half of the Atomic Robo-iest year in history

The first half of the Atomic Robo-iest year in history

Way back last December we promised 2013 would be the Atomic Robo-iest year in ever. Let’s take a moment to check in on how that’s coming along, hm?

All New Super Rad Merch: Done! Check out the Kickstarter for a ton of all new Atomic Robo branded goods including the Official Tesladyne Action Scientists Field Guide.

Real Science Adventures (vol 2): 100% written, 100% drawn, 100% colored, 85% lettered — almost certainly 100% lettered by this weekend! Issue #9 goes on sale soon!

Atomic Robo: Last Stop: Sort of released on July 10th! As far as I am aware, it’s a backer only release at this time? With a full world wide release coming soon? I’ve been completely out of it with travel, conventions, writing, and the campaign linked above, so correct me if I’m wrong on that!

Atomic Robo: the Action Science RPG: Done! Mostly. Just needs layout and the final look-see. Some more details to be found over at Mike Olson’s blog.

Atomic Robo Free Comic Book Day 2013: Done. And uploaded a while back!

Vol 8, ATOMIC ROBO AND THE SAVAGE SWORD OF DR. DINOSAUR: Totally written. First issue came out a little while ago, second issue is around the corner, and Scott’s drawing issue the fourth now.

Real Science Adventures (vol 3): Settled on the theme for this one, but been too busy with everything else to get to it just yet. Looks more like a Fall or Winter project than a Summer one as originally estimated.

Vol 9, Atomic Robo and the Knights of the Golden Circle: Still conceivable we’ll get to start on this toward the end of the year. I really need to write the last two issues though!

I feel like those last two are getting away from us a bit, but not catastrophically. We’ll definitely get them started before the end of the year. And it’s likely we’ll get a couple issues of each on shelves before then too.

Only question left is: how do we make 2014 make 2013 look like we were on vacation for 12 months? We got plans.

  • Kaijumaster

    All sounds good. And hey no worries about letting the last two get away from you. For the same reason you do minis to prevent being late, no worries on taking the time to ensure your quality!