The bad news. Atomic Robo and the Savage Sword of Dr. Dinosaur #3 and Real Science Adventures #12 have been delayed for months, and they won’t be in shops for a while yet.

The good news. They will finally be available for sale on November 20th.

The better news. We haven’t been idle around while waiting for SSoDD #3 to come out, so the whole series is done. And has been for a while. We’re looking into what can be done about getting #4 to shops very soon after #3 comes out, and then #5 shortly after #4 comes out. We’ll keep you posted.

So, what happened?

We missed a deadline and when the printer doesn’t get its files on time, you just have to wait until they can get to you. Meanwhile that delay caused us to miss a Diamond deadline. As per Diamond policy, they then pushed back release to allow retailers the chance to adjust their orders based on the new, even later, release date. So, one small hiccup in production cascaded into nearly four months of delays.

This will not happen again.

  • Sentry616

    My prayers to Sagan and the gods of science have finally been answered.

  • Kaijumaster

    Good things come to those who wait.

  • Steven Palchinski-Guerrero

    Hey guys. It is understandable. Thanks for letting us know. I for one appreciate that.

  • CuriousFan

    I wanna ask a question VERY tongue in cheek.
    You stated that some work from “The big two” dumped on a member of Team Robo caused the delay, correct?…. Conspiracy?

  • BeastieRunner

    That’s what you get when you work with Dr. Dinosaur.

  • Fistigons

    Glad things are back on track.

  • Person

    I love you guys and I forgive you completely. I’m not even mad, honest! You guys could set my house on fire and if you kept writing Atomic Robo I wouldn’t even notice.

  • Brian!

    Well, let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

  • Eric Barkman

    I just got these, and I found that RSA #12 has some pages duplicated. I was wondering if this is a common problem, or if I just got a random bad copy.

  • Brian!

    I believe you did. My huge stack of comps are all fine. If you grabbed them from a local comic book shop, I would suggest taking it back and explaining what is up.

  • Eric Barkman

    Thanks, I buy my comics online, so I’m just going to get another copy, I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t likely to get a second bad copy.