That Special Time of Year…

That Special Time of Year…

When a robot and his most profitable arch-nemesis can put aside their hatred for one another just long enough to pose for a warm and heartfelt corporate greeting, you know it’s Christmas.

Stay safe, everyone.

  • Kira Stewart-Watkins

    At free comic book day a couple years ago my then three year old son dug past all the supermans and batmans and made for kid comics and came out with an Atomic Robo, wanting it more than anything. Since then we have gotten every issue (and all the backdated ones) through our local comic book shop and enjoyed them thoroughly!

    This evening my now Kindergarten age son sounded out one of his first words (explodes) and it was in an Atomic Robo volume (The Shadow From Beyond Time.) He wants to read so badly because of comic books, specifically yours.

    You guys are so awesome and have created an amazing series that can be throughly enjoyed by both young and old. I hope you had a Merry Christmas and have an amazing new years.

  • Sparko

    Is that a Skottie Young drawing?

  • Brian!

    It is a Scott Wegener drawing.

  • Sparko

    You guys are awesome, Brian, and thanks to you all at Team Robo for putting out some of the best comics I’ve ever read.

  • Scott!

    Kira, that is possibly the best note to end 2013 on. :D