Emerald City 2014!

Emerald City 2014!

All right, folks. It’s that time of year. Emerald City Comicon March 28th – 30th!

We’ll be at Table O-10. Like “Oh, ten!”

It’s tucked away in a dark corner where our unsightly kind belongs. Behold! A map!

You should come say “Hi” and then buy some stuff. We’ll have trade paperbacks and our smiling* faces. You can get a sketch from Mr. Scott Wegener to the tune of $50 for a single figure. We will accept cash and cards thanks to the miracle of modern technology.

This will be our only show west of the Mid-Atlantic coastal region for the year 2014. Sorry, guys and gals, but the dread magics that fuel our hideous unlives requires that we stay near the ley lines of our birth lands. This brief sojourn to the West exposes our phylacteries to enough danger for one year, thank you.

*smiles not guaranteed.