Pre-order some stuff!

Pre-order some stuff!

Sorry for the radio silence, folks. We’ve been busy as bees trying to make the best science adventure comics money can buy.

Speaking of which! Our latest offerings are available for pre-order. That’d be the third issue of the ninth volume. And also the fourth issue of volume nine.

Good lord, nine volumes? When did that happen?!

Things are hopping behind the scenes.

1. The Atomic Robo RPG is on the verge of release. Pre-order the print edition and get the PDF right now for free! Or just grab the PDF version on its ownsies. Whichev.

2. I just completed a move! Well, almost. Still need to bring over a few more things and clean up the old place and then we are done.

3. Already writing the first supplement to the Robo RPG. This one is all about Majestic 12. It’ll be chock full of never before seen insights and history and story seeds and probably some interesting rules. This kind of work is dangerous. It’s making me want to start a second spin off series of stories from the perspective of Majestic 12 agents over the years. And also to start work on more supplements for more organizations.

  • Kal

    Has anyone gotten vol. 8 from Amazon yet? Amazon still says that it’s not coming out until June 25.

  • Jason Peters

    My copy that I preordered back in December shipped over the weekend and is supposed to arrive today.

  • Kal

    Thanks. I preordered mine in January, so hopefully it’ll be on its way soon.

  • Otto66

    Spin off stories? Great idea. Always eager for more Robo.

  • Brian!

    Amazon’s treatment of Vol 8 has just been STRANGE.

  • Sparko

    I got mine last week or so…

  • Mark Miller

    The RPG supplement is the best news I’ve heard since the RPG was announced.

  • BCarbaugh

    Grabbed a copy of the RPG over the weekend. Been skimming the rulebook all week. Planning a session with my group in a few days and I’m incredibly jazzed. I LOVE the brainstorm and invention mechanics. I also dig that character creation is so fast and simple, and my players can all come to the game with nothing more than a broad character concept and not have to spend an hour and a half fucking with spreadsheets.

  • rikostan

    Preordered it in February and still don’t have a ship date on it.

  • Fogger1138

    Preordered in January, no estimated ship date as of now. They’re “temporarily out of stock” as well.

  • Dar

    Supposedly mine was shipped and should arrive Wednesday the 11th. Well, at least it’s finally on its way. Maybe the whole Amazon vs The Publishing Universe had something to do with it.

  • Steven Palchinski-Guerrero

    I just got mine from my LCS. So much less hassle that way.

  • Kal

    Vol 8 finally arrived from Amazon on Friday.

    It was amazing.

  • Scott!

    Thanks! :)