HeroesCon 2014 – THIS WEEKEND

HeroesCon 2014 – THIS WEEKEND

Sorry for the short notice, folks, but things have been nuts over here.

Come on out to HeroesCon this weekend, June 20 – 22nd, in lovely downtown Bankstown. I mean Charlotte, North Carolina.

Scott Wegener will not be attending because he’s beating his head against the wall to get Volume 9 finished. I keep telling him that pencils and paper would work better, but what do I know? I’m no artist.

On the bright side, sort of, you get me, your favorite/only Atomic Robo writer, Brian Clevinger! I’ll be in the Artists’ Alley, where I don’t belong, at table AA-1521. Yes, Scott is on the guest list for table AA-1520, but he will not be there. Come by anyway and find out if I stole his table or just stuck with mine!

We’ve got Atomic Robo trade paperbacks for sale and maaaaybe posters? I dunno, I should be packing for the trip right now. And we’re doing a panel with Nerdy Show on Sunday! Check it:

4:00 pm Room 203B
Making Comics… The Atomic Robo Way!

You know who comics are supposed to be for everyone? Well Atomic Robo, The World’s Greatest Action Science Comic, actually IS! This wildly successful sci-fi adventure series made a promise: regardless of age or gender – this book is for you. Join the folks behind Robo as they discuss how the spirit of inclusiveness informs the creative process, and the future of comics.

Come on out and say hi.

Or else.

  • Kal

    Will the panel be recorded and released later? I recall you did that with a previous panel a while ago.

  • http://www.nuklearpower.com Brian!

    Seems likely.

  • Scott Conner

    Hope to see you there tomorrow. I couldn’t attend last year, and it felt weird not doing so.

  • Bryan Clark

    Aww snap, Atomic Robo is the jam.

  • Fistigons

    Yes. More Nerdy Show.

  • http://www.nuklearpower.com Brian!

    Technical difficulties resulted in no recording!

  • Fistigons

    Darn. When are you guys going to be posting the podcast for Knights of the Golden Circle #1?

  • http://www.nuklearpower.com Brian!

    Soon as it’s done!