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Volume 1, Issue #1 (via ComiXology)

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FCBD 2008 - The King of All Bombs

Our first foray into the wild world of Free Comic Book Day.

FCBD 2009 - Why Atomic Robo Hates Dr. Dinosaur

The comic that launched a thousand CRYSTALS!

FCBD 2010 - Flight of the Terror Birds

They’re extinct, so what could go wrong?

FCBD 2011 - When Science Attacks

Dr. Dinosaur’s “triumphant” return. Just so we’re clear, those are journalism style irony quotes.

FCBD 2012 - The Perfectly Legitimate Team-Up Issue

Everything about this story seems legit.

FCBD 2013 - Project SAINT

It’s a little like Battle Bots crossed with the military industrial complex.

FCBD 2014 - TBA

Find out later this year!

The Yonkers Devil

Originally produced as a test for Scott’s new pencils-only technique. There hasn’t been a line of ink used on Atomic Robo since!


A new wrinkle to the Cold War.

The Getaway

They don’t all get away.

Rescue Mission

Leave extradimensional exploration to the experts.

The Lizard Man

The first reported sighting of Dr. Dinosaur.

Nikola Tesla's Electric Sky Schooner

Zeppelin duel starring Nikola Tesla and the Centurions of Science.

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