Posted May 1, 2024 at 12:00 pm

Okay, folks. We're moving our entire inventory to another warehouse/fulfillment outfit this summer. That means it's time for A MONDO SALE to make sure the best fans in the world (that's you folks) can grab everything you want before we have to shut everything down for a few months.

Another way to look at this is that we're actually bribing you with a huge discounts to help us lower our transport costs. Well, I won't deny that factors into our calculations. But is it so bad to be plied with savings? I could have just relied entirely on flattery, but of course you're too smart to fall for that. And you smell so nice!

What are we offering? What aren't we offering! Uh, knives, I guess. We do not sell knives. But here is some of what is, in fact, on sale.

Atomic Robo Plushie — $19

Atomic Robo the RPG and M12 Supplement — $30 for both
Tabletop nerds, this one is for you. These books are out of print and we have the final supply on the face of Earth!

Doctor Dinosaur's Time Travel Through the Backdoor — $15 softcover or $25 hardcover

Tesladyne Field Guide — $5 (a steal!)

All Print Sets — $10 Dawn of a New Era / Nicodemus Job / Spectre of Tomorrow / Real Science Adventures

Mystery Shirts Now Include Proton & Electron & Neutron & Hadron & Fermion & Boson

Atomic Robo Sticker Pack — $5

Bumper Sticker Set — $5

Button Pack — $5


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