Posted February 1, 2015 at 11:00 am
Well, you only went and done it.

Atomic Robo the webcomic hit one million pageviews Saturday afternoon.

One million. You did that in just ten days. Oh wait the site was dead for three days while we scrambled to upgrade everything because you guys killed the original server.

We couldn’t have bounced back so fast without our partners at Hiveworks. They got us new servers and built us a new site. In a weekend. They’ve been fantastic.

Where do we go from here? More pageviews! Swimming in them! Drowning in them! Coalescing into a star from a nebula of them! Collapsing into a timeless gravitational singularity of them!

Okay that got weird. Let’s just keep giving you guys more free comics, and you can keep reading them, and we’ll see where that takes us. Together! (awwww)

We’ll wrap up The Dogs of War this week and hit you guys with the debut appearance of Dr. Dinosaur on Friday. We're following that up with The Shadow From Beyond Time next week. For those of you new to Robo’s adventures, strap yourselves in, ‘cause it’s about to get Lovecraftian!
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