Posted February 10, 2015 at 02:15 pm

As you may or may not remember, we threatened you with new items in the Tesladyne Shop last week. And we have made good on those threats.

First up, we have the Camp Atvatabar T-shirt available in, like, several sizes. It looks so good even you will look good in it.


Then there's the Dr. Dinosaur Sticker Sheet. All proceeds from this item, like all the Dr. Dino merch, will go toward some kind of research fund blah blah blah probably something to blow up the sun. It's hard to get straight answers out of him for some reason.

Don't forget about the Dr. Dinosaur Button Pack. Stick them on to people you love. Or hate. Whichever. Just don't come crying to us when they start crying.

And the Dr. Dinosaur Poster. Are you sensing a pattern here? Like, maybe it was a terrible idea to put Dr. Dinosaur in charge of the Tesladyne Shop? Or that he's pushing out all these items with his jackass face on it because he's a vain jackass? Or that thing about blowing up the sun?

Lastly, there's my personal favorite, the SPACE poster. Get it before Dr. Dinosaur realizes we put something up for sale that won't earn him any royalties.

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