Posted August 2, 2019 at 02:14 pm

Boy oh boy, we keep adding stuff to the online store. And we’re pretty excited about our latest addition. Check it!

This is only available for pre-order! It’s the perfect cloth armor to protect the meat avatar of a nerd in your life. Doubly so if that nerd is you.

And be sure to take advantage of Going Back to School Sale. Up to 30% off select items. Specifically these —

ULTRA Field Manual — This manual provides basic doctrinal discussion on the organization and operations of TFU and contains compartmentalized information essential to the security of physical constants, sustainability of life upon the Earth, and stability of the Solar System as well as Alternative Minkowski-Viable Spaces (AMVS) local to or intersecting with the Solar System.

Tesladyne Field Guide — This manual is for all employees, contractors, interns, staff, and innocent bystanders of Tesladyne.

Tesladyne Mug — Drink from the corporate chalice and be granted ETERNAL* LIFE!

*some conditions may apply

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