Posted April 27, 2018 at 11:10 am

1. Brian will be at TCAF, May 12 - 13th. Scott can’t make it because deadlines are our true masters. But don’t worry! Thanks to the magic of pre-signed bookplates all you Toronteers can still get your books signed by both of us.

2. Mailed the second goodies bag to our Patrons. You’ve got until the end of April to sign up for the next one!

3. We’re pausing comic updates for a little while! The fine folks at Hiveworks have been working on a fairly major overhaul to this here website and we didn’t want to inflict it upon you guys in the middle of a storyline. We’ll start the updates again when everything’s ready to launch. In the meantime Patrons get behind-the-scenes scoops on how things are coming along.

4. If the idea of a medieval sci-fi heist makes you sit up and reread this sentence to make sure it definitely uses the phrase medieval sci-fi heist, then our next series was made just for youReal Science Adventures: The Nicodemus Job is all about a conspiracy to change the world way back in 11th century Byzantium! Basically, I love heists, and history, and sci-fi, so this series jams all three into a perverse marriage for your enjoyment. It’s written by me, drawn by Meredith McClaren, with colors by J.N. Wiedle and Shan Murphy, letters by Tess Stone and edits by Lee Black.

Here’s the cover and a slightly more official description.

art and color by Meredith McClaren

On the eve of the First Crusade, the fate of the world rests in the hands of a disgraced soldier, an assassin, an orphan, a scribe, and a thief who have no idea they're pawns in a clash of civilizations. Heretical texts, ancient star maps, and sacred geometries come together in one impossible heist.

Real Science Adventures lets us show you the larger world outside of Atomic Robo’s hijinx but we can’t keep making stories like these without your help! The first issue is available for pre-order online and at your local shop until June 18th. It goes on sale at your local comic shop and favorite digital comics platform July 11th. And of course we’ll start putting comic pages online before all that.

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