Posted November 6, 2023 at 11:55 am

Would you folks like to help us out? Of course you would!

We have got to clear out some inventory to make space in ye olde warehouse to make room for ye newe stuffe in the warehouse.

At this point you might want to ask, "Is he trying to get us to buy things so we can buy more things later?"

That's a fair question! Unfortunately we aren't taking questions at this time.

But what we are doing is helping you to help us by slashing prices on damn near everything in our online store for the rest of the year! Let's take a look at what some of those discounts look like.

First up, you can get the Skeleton King Chapter 1 book for just $8. It's just like a Twitter subscription only you get something out of it! Or you can get the whole Skeleton King Bundle for a just $20 — a whopping 98% savings (from the ludicrously high retail price that we would never charge anyway but it still counts)?!

You definitely want to pick up the Plushie Head of a Robot Named Robo for only $15. That's less than half price!

You want print sets? We got print sets! Real Science Adventures, Nicodemus Job, Spectre of Tomorrow, and Dawn of a New Era are just $12 each!

But that ain't all. The following volumes are all 24% off for the rest of the year!

The Fighting Scientists of Tesladyne

The Dogs of War

The Shadow from Beyond Time

Other Strangeness

The Deadly Art of Science

The Flying She-Devils of the Pacific

The Savage Sword of Doctor Dinosaur

The Temple of Od

RSA: The Nicodemus Job

RSA: The Flying She-Devils in Raid on Marauder Island

Whew, that's a lot of discounts! Please use them to buy things to help us make more room in the warehouse to make you more things to buy and don't stop to think about this process for even one second!

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