Posted September 23, 2016 at 12:02 pm

There’s so much Atomic Robo news going on it’ll make your head spin!

First up! Wanna buy hardcover editions of the first nine Atomic Robo volumes? Because we’re selling them! There is one caveat however! Any order over nine pounds will be split into two packages. After many meetings with our fulfillment center, various shipping companies, and the postal service, we have determined this to be the best method to make sure large orders arrive safely. Details at the end of this post*!

Next! You might’ve heard us mention it about a thousand times, but there’s a Kickstarter for the tenth hardcover running right now. You can also get a plush of Robo’s head, every Atomic Robo Action Science Roleplaying Game product, and original cover art from Atomic Robo and the Ring of Fire by Scott Wegener.

Lastly! Maybe you prefer print issues? Good news! You can pre-order all the remaining issues of Atomic Robo and the Temple of Od at this very moment! Just run down to your local shop and tell them to “Add anything Atomic Robo to my pull list!” but do it politely because they’re human beings too.

You can even make their job easier by telling them the order number.

#3: AUG160486 ← or you can order it online. Or the variant cover by Kei Zama (it looks like this)

#4: SEP160536 ← same with this one. Or the variant cover by Hollie Mengert.

#5: OCT160491 ← but not this one yet or the variant cover by Dave Crosland because *~comic book industry ~* 


*One hardcover? No problem! A few hardcovers? Go crazy! But once you get into a stack of about five or more, you’re gambling with whether or not these things will get damaged in transit. And not even from mishandling! Just the act of going through the automated systems. Splitting these larger shipments into two boxes solves the problem!

See, the machinery is designed to accommodate packages up to fifteen pounds. So why is our cut off at nine pounds? The problem is that we’re not sending a 15lb package, we’re sending dozens to hundreds of 15lb packages at the same time. The system is built to take one 15lb package every so often, not huge batches of them all at once. By scaling back our maximum load per box to 9lbs we’re solving two problems at once: 1) it allows us to use extra packing material to make sure everything arrives safely, and 2) it means our packages are much closer to the statistical average weight that’s expected of the various automated systems they must go through before arriving at your door.

So: order as many hardcovers as you want, but please be aware that shipping costs will increase at 9lbs because that’s when we’ve got to send two boxes instead of one.

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