Posted February 10, 2017 at 03:47 pm

New Boston Dynamic Nightmare Bot. This is cool, but also: what is wrong with these people? I guess they’ve chosen their side. It’s not too surprising, really. If you are even half awake on the topic of what software and hardware automation is poised to do to our civilization, you’d make friends of the robots too.

Discovered a new continent. Gravity tipped ‘em off. It’s a cool find but not exactly unexpected. It’s an exciting part of the world from a geological perspective. Just take a look at just how much area is taken up by the Himalayas. Now realize they’re the crumple zone created by the impact of India’s crash into Asia. And that we’re, like, maybe a third of the way into that crash.

If WEG still had the license. This will be an important link to, like, three of you. But for those three it will be the most important link they see all year.

Musical accompaniment brought to you by Lazerhawk. Get ‘em.

This week's process post on the Patreon is a full script for a Big Two project I was hired to do, but it never quite got off the ground. 

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