Posted February 18, 2017 at 12:14 pm

How Life (and Death) Spring From Disorder. Life was long thought to obey its own set of rules. But as simple systems show signs of lifelike behavior, scientists are arguing about whether this apparent complexity is all a consequence of thermodynamics.

Hackers help NASA save climate data. Because we now live in a world where basic scientific inquiry is a radical act.

Zealandia, the eighth continent. All we got to do is jump start another ice age to get it to come out again.

NASA revives “weird life forms” trapped in crystals for 60,000 years. Cool. That’s cool. We’re fine. It’s fine. Everything’s fine and good.

DARPA “Biology is technology.” I don’t know if this counts as a strange science link for the blog here or a research link for the Patreon!

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