Jun.16.15 at 10:38 am

What have you guys been up to?

Okay, shut up.

We've been toiling away at the all-new bonus content for the hardcovers. The use of "we" in that sentence is an enormous god damn lie because I'm the dumb jerk who's got to make it all. We'll do a backer update when there's some interesting news to share about that. Here's what there is far: "Uh, about halfway done."

Meanwhile! Here at The Website, the last of the prologues wraps up tomorrow. The first page of the first issue of The Ring of Fire will go online Thursday. Be there! Well, here. Be here.

Jun.06.15 at 10:25 am

You guys did a hell of a thing. We were just along for the ride.

Now, if you'll excuse us, some stuff has got to get made to fulfill all them stretch goals.

Ninety pages of bonus content.

Nine rejected doom monster designs.

Three spin-off volumes.

Wait a second. I'm the guy who has to do all that? Nobody told me I would have to work. Suddenly this whole thing seems like it was a terrible idea.

Jun.05.15 at 09:10 am

Hey. Did you what all the new covers look like? Check it. They're kind of amazing.

So, this thing's coming to a close today at 5pm Eastern. We're gonna ride it to hell on a livestream starting at 3pm Eastern. We'll edit this post to include a link so you can join us.



You guys annihilated every stretch goal we put in front of you, so you've forced us to take extreme measures. Behold THE ULTIMATE STRETCHGOAL "WE BOUGHT A SILO"


Jun.04.15 at 10:31 am

Our Kickstarter ends Friday at 5pm, so we're nearly at that magical moment when I finally shut the hell up about it. We've got the final(?) batch of stretch goals, but first I wanted to share the latest freebie bonus postcard with you guys. This one is from our long time friend Jim Zub whom I always type out as Jib because I'm racing to get that last name.

Jib did a nice process post about the whole thing and you can read Skullkickers online.

Wanna see some new stretch goals? YEAH YOU DO SHUT UP.

Another volume of Real Science Adventures for everyone at $175k and an animated Atomic Robo short by some cool people at $200k. These are truly the stretchiest of stretch goals, but we can do it!

Jun.02.15 at 11:10 am

Yeah, that's right. We're throwing most postcards from fictional spaces at you. This one is from our friend and yours, if you are a robot, J. N. Wiedle who draws skelingtons or something.

Good news! We're in the final days of the campaign, so we'll shut up about it soon. But not yet!

We're gonna cap off the campaign with a Fancy Live Draw starting Friday, June 5th, starting at 3pm Eastern. We'll keep that going to the end of the campaign at 5pm. Scott will be drawing, uh, something. A new page? A new cover? Monster designs? Join us and find out. We'll post the details Friday here on the blog, on Kickstarter, Patreon, Twitter, pretty much everywhere that matters.

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