Jun.02.17 at 12:20 pm

Been a while since I did one of these. For shame! But, hey, I was writing more comics, so that's a pretty good excuse, right?

DermalAbyss is an ink that reacts to body chemistry. Anyway, long story short, interactive tattoos.

16 Psyche is an unusually iron rich asteroid. Like 10 quintillion dollareedoos rich. Which is, for the record, more wealth than has been produced in all of human history combined. Just another reason to get serious about the Interplanetary Transport Network. Also, y'know, not turning the Earth into hellscape.

WALLABY is a telescope array that was already collecting 15 terabytes per second when it was only one-third finished. The rest of the antennae ought to be installed later this year.

MetaLimbs will turn you into a cyborg! Whoops, too late. I take the perhaps absurd view that we're already cyborgs. Yeah, that's right, all of us. How’s that? Well, we’re not used to thinking of memory, language, or culture as technologies, but they had to be invented and our use of them has vastly expanded the horizons of human ability. But, still, robot arms would be a welcome addition.

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May.30.17 at 10:14 am

Check it out. You can pre-order a whole bunch of the upcoming Real Science Adventures comics starring The Flying She-Devils and The Sparrow right now. It's true! Just head on down to your favorite local or online shop.

Here's #3, and #4, and #5. The sixth and final issue isn't available yet, but stay tuned!

What's next for RSA?

Well, that's a secret. I can say this: it'll be the deepest we've gone into history, it'll be the furthest thing from Atomic Robo we've ever done, and yet it'll be immediately recognizeable as our particular brand of adventure.

Oh, what the hell, they can't fire me. Here's a little something for your eyes too.



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May.08.17 at 10:37 am

Consider this your final warning, Virginia. Scott and I will be making our first appearance at Tidewater Comicon this weekend, May 13th and 14th!

We'll have floppies, hardcovers, and IDW editions of Ring of Fire and Temple of Od! Plus whatever else we can shove into our cars and haul on over. Scott has opened up his commission list for the show. All you got to do is PayPal fifty Earth dollars to scottwegener@gmail.com, tell him what you'd like SINGLE FIGURE ONLY and then come pick it up at the show! Look for us in Artists Alley at Table 819. Here is a map to guide your travels.

And here is the most important part of that map super deluxe ZOOMED UP.

We hope to see you there!

Apr.14.17 at 02:23 pm

Hey. Did you know we’re gonna be in Chicago at C2E2 from April 21st through the 23rd? You’ll find us in Artists Alley. We’ve taken over E-16, E-17, and E-18 along with our friends Ngozi, Tessa, Yuko, and Ananth!

Scott is taking pre-orders on single figure sketch commissions! Here’s what you do: PayPal scottwegener@gmail.com $50. In the comments/notes section just let him know you’d like him to draw. Remember, single figure! If you don’t specify anything, you’ll get a Robo doing something. Anyway all you have to do is drop by our table at any time during the show and tell us your name. PRESTO you got a sketch! We’re asking for the cash up front to compel you to get the thing you want!

Here is a handy + dandy map!

Come on by, grab some books, get some signatures on them, it’ll be a hoot. We’ll see you there.

Apr.07.17 at 10:00 am

A Brief History of the Grand Unified Theory. It’s a big read for an internet article, but worth your time if you’d like to step away from the horror show of our political landscape for a few minutes. Also you could learn some stuff or whatever.

Kenya’s BRCK. This is the future cyberpunks want.

How DeepMind Helps AI Learn Faster. One weird AI memory trick human resistance fighters hate.

Detective X revealed. This is the sort of thing I’m thinking about when I say that history is a goldmine filled with amazing characters.

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