Feb.23.16 at 10:29 am

I did an AMA approximately one million years ago, but now there's a dedicated reddit for all things Robo. Check it out if you dare.

The trade paperback collection of Atomic Robo and the Ring of Fire is available for pre-order at your local shop right now. You could click this to learn that it comes out in May and the order code is MAR160429.

More immediately, we're running a new mini-comic with art by Tessa Stone. It's a little thing we call Bug Hunt and it takes place shortly after The Ring of Fire. The cover went up yesterday and the first page goes up tomorrow. It will follow our new full page update schedule, so expect new content every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. When Bug Hunt runs its course, we'll hit you with the first issue of Atomic Robo and the Temple of Od. This one takes you back to some of what Robo was doing between this issue and this issue.

As some of you may know, Scott and I now live in the same city. Scott thought we did this so we could rent a little studio space and work without the internet or our home lives butting in all the time. The super double secret reason is that I haven't had a tabletop group in, like, eight years and I was going to trick him into running a regular game night.

The thing about super double secret reasons and Scott Wegener is that you tell him your plan so he can refuse to take part in it. Then you wait about three months and he's 100% on board like a very slow Salt In Your Eyes. He now runs a bi-weekly game of Star Wars via Evil Hat Productions' Fate Accelerated. We record the sessions and post them for our Patrons along with character sheets, art, maps, etc. Maybe you're the kind of dork who would enjoy that.

Feb.05.16 at 10:29 am

Hope you're enjoying our selection of mini-comics now that Atomic Robo and the Ring of Fire is concluded. We'll continue with Atomic Robo and the Temple of Od soon. And don't forget the current Tesla-centric storyline over at Real Science Adventures. The first three chapters are online. Just three more to go!

But, hey, you know what's happening next week? Specifically Wednesday, February 10th?

The second Atomic Robo omnibus from IDW Publishing goes on sale -- THE CRYSTALS ARE INTEGRAL

In this runway-model handsome collection, Robo and his team of Action Scientists clash with secret government agencies, battle extra-dimensional vampires, and learn lessons in TRUE friendship. Collects Other Strangeness, The Deadly Art of Science, and The Ghost of Station X for your reading pleasure. Winkey-Face Emoticon. Hashtag-The-Kids-Get-It.

Grab it from your local shop, or our favorite online retailer, or Amazon.

Jan.26.16 at 10:43 am

Atomic Robo and the Ring of Fire ended today. And that ending brings with it changes 'round these parts. But don't worry. In the interest of kindness and benevolence to all mankind, we're giving you more comics so you can ease into it. Here's the deal.

First up, we'll soon move into the next chapter, Atomic Robo and the Temple of Od. This one takes place shortly after Robo's first top secret mission for the military. Turns out Helsingard wasn't the only fellow trying to conquer the world with a crazy energy weapon.

But! We need a bit of a buffer before we get to that. Back in our print days we'd need something like four to six months between the end of one series and the start of the next. That won't be the case here because we don't need to worry about soliciting and printing and blah blah blah. Which is why it'll be a while before IDW brings you the print issues for the new series, but you won't have to wait too long for it to show up online. We just need enough of a buffer to guarantee you guys get regular updates without stressing us out too much. Should be about a month? We'll keep you posted. Anyway, we can't leave you guys with dead air, so we're gonna start you off with a few short stories including an all-new one that takes place in the aftermath of Ring of Fire with art by Tessa Stone -- Patrons got a sneak peek at the cover in progress!

That ought to be more than enough to keep you guys going, but we're not done! 

Remember that thing where we started putting Real Science Adventures online too? We did! And we are! In fact, the entire second issue just went online today. It's full of Annie Oakley and Wong Kei-ying with art by Caanan Grall who sounds like he has a side hustle as the king of barbarians. There will be more. And don't forget: when we get to the end of this story, there will be an all-new RSA chapter featuring the Flying She-Devils with art by Lo.

Oh, and I think we're done with the daily half-page update schedule. It was an experiment, and looking back at the whole volume, we're not sure the benefits outweighed the cost. Response was never bad, but it wasn't promising either. Mixed would be about the best way to put it. Going forward, we will return to full page updates three times a week. As well, I'll turn Ring of Fire into full pages in the archive at some point this week.

Jan.21.16 at 02:01 pm

In case you missed the big news, there is now a whole other website for even more free Atomic Robo comics. Check out realscienceadventures.com. We're launching the site with a tale of Nikola Tesla and the Centurions of Science vs The Billion Dollar Plot. Start at the beginning! The first issue is drawn by our friend Erica Henderson and she was good enough to provide color for the whole series as well.

Jan.12.16 at 12:10 pm

The fifth and final issue of Atomic Robo and the Ring of Fire will go on sale January 27th, but you can pre-order yours. And you really should! It's what keeps the lights on over here.

If you had a lick of damn sense in that thing on top of your neck, you'd run out to your local comic book shop right now and make sure you're gettin' the goods. It comes in two varieties. Regular and Gurihiru.


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