Feb.22.17 at 01:34 pm

You've been asking us for years to bring you more of The Sparrow, so we partnered up with Wook Jin Clark to do just that in the all-new tale, Project Millipede! It'll debut right here on March 6th. Stay tuned!

Feb.18.17 at 12:14 pm

How Life (and Death) Spring From Disorder. Life was long thought to obey its own set of rules. But as simple systems show signs of lifelike behavior, scientists are arguing about whether this apparent complexity is all a consequence of thermodynamics.

Hackers help NASA save climate data. Because we now live in a world where basic scientific inquiry is a radical act.

Zealandia, the eighth continent. All we got to do is jump start another ice age to get it to come out again.

NASA revives “weird life forms” trapped in crystals for 60,000 years. Cool. That’s cool. We’re fine. It’s fine. Everything’s fine and good.

DARPA “Biology is technology.” I don’t know if this counts as a strange science link for the blog here or a research link for the Patreon!

Feb.10.17 at 03:47 pm

New Boston Dynamic Nightmare Bot. This is cool, but also: what is wrong with these people? I guess they’ve chosen their side. It’s not too surprising, really. If you are even half awake on the topic of what software and hardware automation is poised to do to our civilization, you’d make friends of the robots too.

Discovered a new continent. Gravity tipped ‘em off. It’s a cool find but not exactly unexpected. It’s an exciting part of the world from a geological perspective. Just take a look at just how much area is taken up by the Himalayas. Now realize they’re the crumple zone created by the impact of India’s crash into Asia. And that we’re, like, maybe a third of the way into that crash.

If WEG still had the license. This will be an important link to, like, three of you. But for those three it will be the most important link they see all year.

Musical accompaniment brought to you by Lazerhawk. Get ‘em.

This week's process post on the Patreon is a full script for a Big Two project I was hired to do, but it never quite got off the ground. 

Feb.03.17 at 09:51 am

Printing with light instead of ink. Pretty sure this qualifies as pure sorcery.

Time Crystals! Because I've been getting tons of links to articles about them this week from folks for some reason. Which is nice, really, because it's good to know we are in your thoughts. Where we can remake you. Control you. Ahem, but I've had my eyes on these things for a while, again, for some reason.

We'll be eating bugs by 2050. Sorry, I just can't get on board. I mean, honestly, who actually believes we'll still have a civilization by 2050? Hahaha, c'mon get real.

On the bright side, Makeup and Vanity Set released a new album. Check it out. 88:88 remains my favorite overall, but everything they do is wonderful.

My process post over on the Patreon this week will take a look at my pitch and outlines for the Firestorm series DC commissioned me to do the week before they made it obsolete by deciding to do New 52 instead.

Jan.27.17 at 10:34 am

Here's the plan.

Over on the Patreon I'll make posts talking about process for whatever the hell I'm writing and researching for that week. Over here I'll collect the links that bubbled up in my travels. These will usually lean toward weird news or neat tech.

Like what? Like this!

NeuroSpeculative AfroFeminism. Afropunk is rad, get into it. My Phantom mini-series gave me an excuse to look more closely at it, oddly enough. Some of the most interesting sci-fi created today fits under this umbrella.

Tips to avoid skimmers. Never a bad idea to remind yourself how much of our cyberpunk future is already here.

Plastic bottles recycled into blankets. Reminds me of the ocean plastic Adidas shoe.

If you like to work to music, might I suggest The Beautiful New Age Relaxation Tapes? Check out an album or two, they have ~30 to choose from. If you like what you hear, there's over 24 hours worth of music to be had for less than $1 which is a deal so good it'd still be a steal at $10.

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